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‘2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup’ travel trends

Here are some unique data-driven insights about international travel patterns to the host nations Australia and New Zealand as the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup approaches.

FIFA reports that more than a million tickets have already been sold for the Women’s World Cup, potentially making it the biggest attended single women’s sporting event. Here are a few intriguing top-level conclusions:

Travel to Australia and New Zealand Has Increased: Compared to 2019, there has been a noteworthy increase in travel to Australia and New Zealand from mid-July to early August, which falls during the World Cup dates (July 20 to August 20).

West Europe and East Asia Recovery of outward Travel: Although outward travel from East Asia and Western Europe to Australia and New Zealand has not yet entirely regained its pre-COVID levels, there are positive signals. Prior to the World Cup, 28% of all travellers were from East Asia; during the tournament, that number increased to 35%. The percentage of travellers from Western Europe arriving in Australia and New Zealand has increased from 14% to 17%.**

Growth in Particular Markets: Japanese tourists have demonstrated extraordinary interest, travelling to Australia and New Zealand more than twice as often (6% vs. 2%) during the World Cup season as they did during the non-World Cup season of the same year. During the competition, there is also a discernible rise in travel intentions from South Korea (5% vs. 4%) and China (16% vs. 15%).

main Feeder Markets: During the World Cup, the UK (6%), Germany (2%), France (2%), and Italy (2%), are the main feeder markets in Western Europe for the host nations.

Traveller Profiles: In comparison to before the World Cup season, there are more families (23% vs. 21%) and couples (24% vs. 19%) among all travellers.

Even though football is a popular sport across the continent and Latin America (LATAM) was one of the top origin markets for last year’s 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, there hasn’t been any discernible growth in travel from the region for this year’s women’s competition.

Source- Travel daily

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