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600 young people from 100 different nations assemble at STGC to discuss sustainable travel options.

600 young people from 100 different nations assemble at STGC to discuss sustainable travel options.

The Sustainable Tourism Global Center (STGC) has brought together more than 600 young people from 100 nations to discuss how to achieve net zero in travel and tourism as part of the UFCCC MENA Climate Week in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The new STGC, which is promoting a quicker approach to resolving climate change challenges and making travel and tourism more sustainable, especially among small and medium-sized firms, passengers, and destinations, has as one of its main goals engaging with and listening to young people from all over the world.

According to estimates, 16% of the world’s 8 billion inhabitants are between the ages of 15 and 24. The 600+ attendees this week are among the first to join the STGC’s Youth Champions Initiative, which successfully brought together 400 students from 80 different countries last year. The goal is to have 100,000 young people from more than 150 different nations living here by 2030.

The Saudi Arabian Minister of tourist, Ahmed Al Khateeb, stated: “We are enabling young leaders to play a critical part in constructing a more sustainable travel and tourist sector by providing them with the necessary resources to promote the net zero transformation of the business. The Sustainable Tourism Global Center, founded in Saudi Arabia, is an investment not only in the country’s future but also in the future of the entire world.

The Ministry of Energy will host UNFCCC MENA Climate Week, where the young leaders will come together for sustainability-related sessions. Discussions will center on the potential and difficulties the industry faces as it works to transition to a net zero future, as well as environmental protection generally and the part that the younger generation will play in that dialogue.

Young leaders will have unprecedented access to cutting-edge case studies and best practice solutions as the project develops and the STGC forges partnerships with more institutions of higher learning and international organizations. They will also get assistance with advocacy and training programs for sustainable tourism.

Saudi Arabia’s development strategy, Vision 2030, places a strong emphasis on youth participation and empowerment. We’re happy to see so many young people at this successful MENA Climate Week, conducted for the first time in Riyadh, said Gloria Guevara, Chief Special Advisor of the Saudi Arabian Minister of Tourism. It is admirable that His Excellency wants to make sure that young people are at the center of finding solutions. It is crucial that we pay attention to and take into account the opinions of today’s young because they want to actively participate in their local communities and be a part of positive change. Their contribution is essential to making the tourism and travel sector a part of the net zero solution.

The STGC seeks to deeply engage young future leaders in order to contribute to the development of a more sustainable and inclusive travel and tourism industry, realizing the enormous potential of youth to assist in this transformation. Participants in this endeavor will acquire the skills, resources, and assistance required to use research for advocacy and awareness-raising activities.

The new Global Solutions Hub, which will offer solutions to visitors and destinations as well as micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) to assist them move faster at implementing their own adjustments to become more sustainable, was also presented during MENA Climate Week.

Source- Travel daily


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