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A contract was signed by Politours and Europamundo to promote river cruises in Latin America

A contract was signed by Politours and Europamundo to promote river cruises in Latin America

A strategic partnership to advance the marketing of river cruises in Latin America has been inked by reputable river cruise wholesaler Politours and Europamundo, a top tour operator for vacation circuits in the region. The purpose of this agreement is to improve the tourism ties between Europe and Latin America.

By working with a partner who has a sizable local presence, Politours will strengthen its position in Latin America. The JTB Group, one of the biggest tourism organisations in the world, includes Europamundo, which has a significant presence in Latin America and is a market leader in the sale of premium circuits around Europe. The wholesaler’s hallmark product—and a highly sought-after niche by the Latin American market—Politours’ river cruise itineraries will as of today be incorporated by Europamundo into its catalogue as part of this agreement.

Alejandro de la Osa, the CEO of Europamundo, commented on this, saying, “It will allow us to expand Europamundo’s traditional offerings with an attractive complementary product, with Politours’ quality guarantee.”

The Politours brand enjoys tremendous prestige in Latin America thanks to an offering built on quality, culture, and hospitality, and this partnership reinforces our commitment to that market, according to Carlos Ruiz, General Director of Politours. We anticipate developing alongside Europamundo in the future.

The arrangement comes at a critical time for Politours, which must now work to build its brand in Latin America, a key region from which it anticipates deriving 40% of its revenue within the next three years.

With the development of a product specifically for these customers, the alliance also considers the possibilities of market extension into the English-speaking markets of Japan and other locations.

Source: travelbizmonitor

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