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According to ATM partner, the most recent developments in Saudi Arabian and UAE inbound and outbound travel will further promote GCC tourism.

According to ATM partner, the most recent developments in Saudi Arabian and UAE inbound and outbound travel will further promote GCC tourism.

As the number of tourists from important source markets like the UK and China keeps rising, Al Rais Travel, the official DMC partner of Arabian Travel Market (ATM), has highlighted the most recent developments bolstering the expansion of the tourism industry in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the GCC.

Al Rais’s insights indicate that Dubai’s standing as a reliable brand and a safe haven has led to an increase in traffic from important source markets.

The globe over, consumers trust the Dubai brand. Following COVID-19, the nation has recovered very well; the most recent data for the first half of 2023 is the highest on record. Our numbers, as a travel agency, are a good representation of this. The top five inbound markets have somewhat changed, with Saudi Arabia experiencing a decline and the number of British visitors rising.

Mohamed Al Rais, Deputy Managing Director of Al Rais Travel, praised “the return of the Chinese market, which, despite only coming back in Q1 of this year, has already moved into a top five position.”

The most recent data from Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) confirms these patterns, which ATM’s other partners, like Emirates and IHG Hotels & Resorts, have undoubtedly noticed as well.
The latest data from DET indicates that India, which saw a 44% increase between January and August 2023 compared to the same period last year, Saudi Arabia, which saw a nominal 5% decrease during the same period, the UK, which saw an increase of 14%, and the Chinese market, which saw a 309% jump in the first eight months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022, are Dubai’s top source markets.

Additionally, the tourism expert thinks that rather than competing with one another, Saudi Arabia and the UAE may promote travel to both countries, much like travelers in central Europe do when they visit many nations in a single trip, which benefits the travel business throughout multiple boundaries.

The announcement made recently by the UAE’s Minister of Economy, Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, that a single, standard GCC tourist visa will be implemented by 2025—facilitating smooth travel between the Gulf States and fostering regional tourism—supports this viewpoint.

“Visitors who qualify will be able to travel to any nation in the GCC and tour with ease, helping tourism in all countries,” Al Rais continued. “This affords not only the UAE and Saudi, but the rest of the GCC.”

Al Rais Travel is collaborating with several airlines that have not yet established ties with the United Arab Emirates and offering assistance in their establishment, all in keeping with the ATM theme of “Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship” and the UAE Tourism Strategy 2031.

“There are many examples of exhibitors seamlessly aligning with our show’s overarching theme,” said Danielle Curtis, Exhibition Director of Arabian Travel Market. “This is further underscored by the impactful contributions regional tourism entities have in pioneering innovative approaches to propel the industry into the future.”

“As a platform, our goal is to elevate the voices of industry participants and bring attention to their varied projects, which include cutting-edge technology, innovative lodging options, environmental sustainability, and transportation innovations.”

The 31st edition of ATM is set to bring together policymakers, industry executives, and travel experts from the Middle East and beyond. The aim is to facilitate the creation of new connections, knowledge sharing, and the identification of innovations that have the potential to transform the travel and tourism landscape globally. The 2018 show will showcase how innovators, from startups to well-known businesses, improve consumer experiences, drive efficiencies, and hasten the industry’s transition to a net-zero future.

In keeping with the theme of ATM 2023, “Working Towards Net Zero,” eco-friendly travel will be a major emphasis of the 2019 show. Inspired by the United Arab Emirates’ Year of Sustainability and the upcoming 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, ATM 2024 will investigate how innovation can be used to create a more environmentally friendly travel and tourism industry for future generations, thereby contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In May 2023, 30,000 guests and over 40,000 travel industry experts visited the 30th edition of ATM, creating a new exhibition record. ATM’s net-zero pledge was unveiled on a worldwide platform thanks to the attendance of over 2,100 exhibitors and representatives from over 155 nations at the expo.

Source- Travel daily

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