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Agoda details in-flight annoyances

Agoda details in-flight annoyances

Digital travel company Agoda unveiled a candid investigation into the less glamorous aspect of air travel as vacationers around the world were eager to take off on new experiences. Agoda’s Travel Bugbears Survey 2023 explores the world of in-flight annoyances, emphasizing that even the smoothest journey can have its hiccups. These annoyances range from overly chatty neighbors to bathroom hoggers.

The survey, which looked at 10 Asian markets, revealed that flyers’ biggest pet peeve is disrespectful invasion of personal space. People from South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan are the most irritated by invasions of their personal space, whether it is a battle for control of the armrest or the production of body sounds and offensive odors from bare feet.

Unsurprisingly, airline delays are a major complaint among travelers in the Asia Pacific region, ranking second on the list. Flight delays are the top pet peeve of travelers from the Philippines, who also regard them as their biggest pet peeve. This feeling is shared by visitors from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The presence of loud passengers, such as excessively chatting seatmates, couples exposing their dirty laundry in public, or rowdy groups broadcasting their music or games across the whole flight, ranks as the third biggest in-flight nuisance in the region. While Taiwanese and South Korean passengers prefer quieter flights, Australians and Malaysians are the least sensitive to noise. Although they also value silence, the Japanese are the only market that expresses intolerance for rowdy passengers who are disrespectful to the cabin personnel.

According to Liyana Jamil, Vice President of Global Partner Services at Agoda, “For many of us, the holiday fun begins the moment we board a plane.” “However, despite the fact that flying is typically a pleasant experience, there are occasionally slight annoyances. The results of this lighthearted survey should raise awareness, encourage consideration, and improve the in-flight experience on any of the more than 130,000 bookable flight routes on Agoda, in my opinion.

When focusing on the responses from Indian respondents, it becomes clear that loud passengers and impolite behavior tied for second place as the worst irritants for Indian tourists. Third spot goes to the infamous armrest conflict.

Agoda has a reputation for being a reliable resource for booking hotels and vacation rentals online, but since adding flights to the site in 2019, booking flights has become more popular.

Source- Travel daily

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