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Agreement between Wizz Air and the CAA and what it implies for customers 

Wizz Air stated last week that it has entered into a deed of undertaking with the Civil Aviation Authority. Wizz Air agreed to review welfare applications it had received after flight delays as part of the arrangement. This includes fees for care and support, often lodging costs, transfers when alternative flights were via separate airports, and replacement airline costs.

Which claims are subject to assessment and how customers can request a refund are covered by the Q&A that follows.

1) May I have my claim reopened?

A review of closed expense claims for customers on flights scheduled to leave the UK or arrive there on or after March 18, 2022, is being done by Wizz Air. They are also referred to as welfare claims.  

If the assessment reveals that you are owed money, Wizz Air will make arrangements for you to get a refund or, if you have already received a payment from the airline, an extra payment to make up the difference owed.

2) What am I able to assert?

Welfare expense claims are fees that consumers paid out of pocket for when Wizz Air flights were cancelled, including hotel stays, ground transportation, and airline tickets. Welfare claims are distinct from claims for compensation.

Wizz Air will only examine claims that are accompanied by receipts and comprise one or more of the items listed below:

Cost of a replacement flight (because one was not provided, or the one that was provided was inadequate, for example, since it was provided days after the original when earlier, equivalent choices were available)

if a passenger is diverted to another airport, the costs of transporting them to their original airport or to a nearby destination

care costs, generally for lodging overnight

What is not included? 

 Wizz Air won’t examine your claim if:

You have already started the process of taking it to court or Wizz Air’s ADR body.

You simply submitted claims for meals and hydration.

Less than £20 per booking was the sum you claimed for all of the aforementioned expenses.

Your disrupted flight was not due to depart from or arrive into the UK

Your flight disruption was before 18 March 2022 (if it was please see further information below)

 4) How can I get my claim re-opened? 

Claims for passengers on flights that were scheduled to depart from or arrive into the UK on or after 18th March 2022 will be automatically assessed by Wizz Air.

If the review shows that you are owed money, the airline will arrange for you to receive a refund, or an additional payment to make up the difference owed if you have already received a payment. By September 30, 2023, Wizz Air promises to get in touch with passengers who are eligible for a payout.

Passengers are instructed to respond to their prior email correspondence with Wizz Air if they wish to access their claim once more. If they cannot access their previous email exchange, they can contact Wizz Air’s bookings line with information to help the airline locate the claim. The booking number, case number, flight date and route, as well as the names of the passengers, should all be provided by customers.

5) If I’m successful, when and how will I get my money back? 

You have two options for your refund, either cash returned to your bank account, or you can receive 120% of your claim in WIZZ credits. Wizz Air will make 120% WIZZ credit refunds within 24 hours and process 100% ticket refunds within 7 working days once their claim has been approved.

Source- Travel daily

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