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Airlink and American Express Global Business Travel collaborate to provide immediate catastrophe help.

Airlink and American Express Global Business Travel collaborate to provide immediate catastrophe help.

A new alliance between humanitarian assistance group Airlink and American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) aims to facilitate first responders’ quicker access to disaster zones.

In order to support communities in the wake of disasters, Airlink offers free transportation to a pre-screened network of more than 200 NGOs and charities worldwide. In order to expedite and simplify the intricate process of bringing disaster relief workers who respond quickly to their location, Amex GBT will be implementing customized travel booking solutions and services for Airlink and its non-governmental organization partners as part of this new project.

Through the cooperation, Amex GBT’s social impact travel desk will also be supported by a large number of NGO travel bookings handled by volunteer travel counselors. Early in 2024 is when the collaboration is anticipated to begin operations.

The new program expands on Amex GBT’s previous collaborations with Welcome.US and Miles4Migrants, which have assisted in transferring more over 12,400 migrants and refugees from dangerous situations to safe havens.

Amex GBT’s Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Evan Konwiser, stated: “We think that travel drives progress, and one of the best examples is getting people where they need to go.” We are demonstrating our ideals through collaborations and deeds. In addition to our efforts with Welcome.US and Miles4Migrants, we are thrilled to introduce this new project with Airlink to assist communities during times of need.

“Airlink manages thousands of ticket bookings for disaster responders, across multiple global airlines,” stated Steve Smith, President and CEO of Airlink. This collaboration excites us since it will enable us to dispatch responses more quickly to the locations where they are required. It’s a fantastic illustration of how the resources, know-how, and abilities of the business and humanitarian sectors can be used to help those affected by both man-made and natural disasters and give them hope.

Source- Travel daily

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