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Approach Guides and Lindblad Expeditions collaborate to streamline sales for travel agents.

Approach Guides and Lindblad Expeditions collaborate to streamline sales for travel agents.

Lindblad Expeditions has partnered with Approach Guides, the top content optimization platform for travel brands, as part of its ongoing commitment to improve the brand’s capacity to serve its travel advisor partners, to develop dynamic multimedia content experiences that travel advisors can easily co-brand and share with their clients.

Travel agents will be able to quickly create personalized content using pre-designed templates that give an immersive look into the distinctive character of the Lindblad Expeditions cruising experience by utilizing Approach Guides’ innovative technology, which will be integrated into the company’s Expedition 360SM portal.

Lesa Bain, vice president of sales at Lindblad Expeditions, said: “By partnering with Approach Guides, our specialized travel advisers will now have a growing array of sales and marketing templates at their fingertips, which they can easily and rapidly modify and co-brand with Lindblad Expeditions. Travel agents will find it simpler than ever to inform their clients about Lindblad Expeditions’ more than 170 distinct itineraries spanning all seven continents thanks to tools and technology like these that are just a few clicks away on our Expedition 360 platform.

“Travel advisors are clear about what they want from brand partners: simple, top-notch solutions that aid their advertising and sales initiatives while putting them in the spotlight. With its market-leading content experiences, Lindblad Expeditions is now providing just that. The co-founder and chief marketing officer of Approach Guides, Jennifer Raezer, expressed her joy at being able to contribute to making this a reality.

Travel advisors can now quickly tailor critical touchpoints, including emails, social media, websites, and itineraries, to delight customers and increase conversion. This includes itinerary specifics, information about onboard experts, ship overviews, and journey types.

Owner of luxury travel company Iantosca Travel Ralph Iantosca, CTA, LS, DS, commented on the new Approach Guides: “Last week, I sent a Lindblad Expeditions Alaska Approach Guide to a new referral. He was excited to learn of this experience, having previously only been exposed to mass-market huge ship-style cruise with thousands of guests on board. We may have two additional bookings as we work on a plan for Alaska in 2024. Should these two cabins fill up, the final sale will be 88% higher, or $32,000.00 instead of $17,000.00. I adore my new device.

Travel advisors will soon be able to access the new Approach Guides through Expedition 360 and the travel adviser site of Lindblad Expeditions. Inspiring travel to Alaska, Antarctica, and the Galapagos will be the primary emphasis of the first content experiences, with the launch of more templates planned for the upcoming months.

Source- Travel daily

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