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Around the world, 495 Airbus A350s are in use Cirium

Around the world, 495 Airbus A350s are in use: Cirium

The Airbus A350 has been in flight for ten years today, and the aviation analytics company Cirium has released data demonstrating the success of the Airbus aeroplane.

A350 Cirium Data

  • There are currently 495 Airbus A350s in operation worldwide, with 91 carriers including the aircraft in their fleets.
  • The success of the aircraft is demonstrated by the fact that 435 more A350s are currently on order and will be delivered in the upcoming years.
  • There are now only 46 A350s in storage.
  • Over 8.9 million seats are expected to be filled on 28,388 flights by A350 aircraft in June.
  • The month’s most A350 flights will depart from Singapore, followed by Doha, Hong Kong, Tokyo-Haneda, and London Heathrow.

Source: traveldailymedia

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