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As Germany's first "sneaker airline," Eurowings.

As Germany’s first “sneaker airline,” Eurowings.

The airline Eurowings has decided to significantly expand its so-called “Sneaker Flydays” after a successful test phase. The German airline now allows its pilots and flight attendants to dress in white Puma trainers with the Eurowings logo every Friday during the summer. By doing this, the Lufthansa Group company, which operates the airline, not only satisfies the desire of its own employees for a sporty travelling companion, but also offers fashionable eye-catchers on board and on the ground.

A resounding majority of the more than 3,000 crew members who participated in an internal poll in favour of wearing sports shoes on board and on the ground more frequently. More than 700 comments were analysed, and the results showed that people think Puma’s trainers are comfortable and cutting edge. Several passengers have also left very favourable feedback, and it frequently appears in social media.

Following analysis of the survey, Eurowings has made the decision to make every Friday going forward a “Sneaker Flyday” in order to better reflect the spirit of “Casual Friday” and significantly increase the number of Sneaker Flydays from a monthly basis.

No shoes, whether worn on a business trip or a vacation, combine the business and casual lifestyles like trainers, according to Jens Bischof, CEO of Eurowings. The athletic attire also draws attention to our brand as “Europe’s Value Airline,” with which we hope to differentiate ourselves from competing low-cost carriers.
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