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At the 2023 World Travel Awards, AlUla was named the Middle East's Leading Cultural Tourism Project.

At the 2023 World Travel Awards, AlUla was named the Middle East’s Leading Cultural Tourism Project.

AlUla’s status as one of the most exciting travel destinations in the area has been cemented by its selection as the Middle East’s Leading Cultural Tourism Project 2023 at the prestigious World Travel Awards.

High-ranking officials from the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) attended the World Travel Awards Middle East Gala Ceremony 2023 on October 15 in Dubai, including Phillip Jones, RCU’s chief tourism officer.

RCU’s Chief Tourism Officer, Phillip Jones (middle), accepting the honor

With this honor, AlUla has successfully preserved and promoted its distinctive cultural heritage through community-based, all-encompassing development projects. With this most recent honor, AlUla not only highlights its importance in the area but also reaffirms its dedication to promoting responsible tourism and preserving the old city’s historical history.

The World Travel Awards provided a forum for the international travel community to celebrate and honor outstanding accomplishments to the industry that evening, drawing an elite audience of important industry professionals and media representatives.

AlUla, which is in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, has served as a crossroads for trade, a point of transit, and the residence of various civilizations that have carved, sculptured, and engraved their lives into the landscape.  The most important attractions in AlUla are the Nabataean city of Hegra, which was recently named to UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, and Jabal Ikmah, which is covered in hundreds of rock inscriptions in numerous ancient languages. Hegra is also Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. AlUla Old Town hamlet, a maze of more than 900 mudbrick houses built at least as far back as the 12th century, has also been chosen by UNWTO as one of the World’s Best Tourism Villages for 2022.

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