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Baggage tracking in Air NZ app en route for customers

Baggage tracking in Air NZ app en route for customers

Air New Zealand is extending the test run of the function to 25% of app users flying domestically and releasing the feature to 5% of app users going on an international short range aircraft after executing a successful pilot project for domestic passengers in April.

Customers may use the functionality while travelling to check the most recent status of their bag(s) through the Air NZ app. ‘Check status’ will display on the baggage card on the flight information tab in the app when bag drop is complete.

From check-in till when it reaches the destination, passengers may follow the movement of their luggage during the flight.

Baggage monitoring demonstrates Air New Zealand’s dedication to providing customer-focused innovations, according to Nikhil Ravishankar, Chief Digital Officer of Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand is committed to become the top digital airline in the world.

Our ability to create and implement digital solutions that alleviate client pain points has improved as a result of updates to our app made last year. A prime example of this is baggage monitoring.

Customers may follow the progress of their bags and get instructions if they take a diversion. Customers will soon have access to reporting and tracking mishandled baggage using the app.

This will enable a more smooth deployment to all app users by the middle of the year. “Piloting the features offers us the chance to try and test among a limited sample of passengers to resolve any difficulties.

Baggage monitoring puts information in our customers’ hands directly, simplifying operations, alleviating pressure on our personnel, and providing travellers with the assurance that their luggage is travelling with them.

The service will be accessible once it is implemented through the Air NZ app, which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Getting rid of the luggage backlog

As a result of substantial weather interruptions both domestically and abroad, many bags were delayed during the busy summer season, drawing attention to mishandled luggage. The volume of improperly handled bags during that time period caused a sizable backlog that needed to be cleared through biosecurity inspections before being delivered back to their owners.

Air New Zealand collaborated with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) Biosecurity Team to develop a new digital tool for its Baggage Tracing Unit to speed up clearance procedures and do away with the need for paper receipts in order to reduce the workload on teams and repatriate bags with their owners more quickly.

According to Mr. Ravishankar, “We have created a new digital system in collaboration with MPI that improves the biosecurity baggage screening process, offering efficiencies that ensure consumers are quickly reunited with mishandled items.

Since the difficulties earlier this year, the introduction of digital technologies has allowed us to clear the backlog of luggage, and we are now better equipped to handle any potential future interruptions.

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