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Baggage trolleys with interactive tablets are now available at Munich Airport

At Munich Airport, travelers can benefit from a more cutting-edge pre-departure experience. Users of a tablet installed on their carry-on luggage trolley can manually enter their travel information or scan their boarding tickets.

Any pertinent changes and information about their flight will be delivered to them quickly. Outside of their departure gate, passengers enjoy a variety of options, including dining and shopping. As customers move around the terminal using a map that functions as a directory, they are then presented with offers based on their current location. The use of the sophisticated luggage trolleys is free. You can hire one at Terminal 2 after passing security and before reaching duty-free.

A test program that will be executed in Terminal 2 for the following six months includes their installation. We’re collaborating on this testing phase with the Danish software firm Intelligent Track Systems (ITS). At Munich Airport, carry-on luggage trolleys that already existed have had interactive screens put onto them. There has never before been a “click-on” ITS system used anywhere else in the globe.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Munich Airport, Dr. Jan-Henrik Andersson, stated that digitalization need not always take place in the background. Our visitors can use these tablets to explore the airport and monitor the progress of their flights. This project is an extension of our cutting-edge innovation hub. The combination of digital and analog technology will greatly benefit our consumers.

“Our tablets can point users to specific stores and highlight retail activations and activities,” said ITS CEO Morten Pankoke. When they are rushed or under pressure, passengers frequently ignore these. They are more likely to check out certain store offers if they have the time, though, if they can see the deals on the tablet and the amount of time they have to travel to the gate utilizing way-finding.

Source- Travel daily

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