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Battleface travel insurance partner platform lands in Australia

Battleface travel insurance partner platform lands in Australia

Australian travel insurance industry to be revolutionised by API-driven modular insurance solution.

Melbourne, Australia – Battleface, a supplier of travel insurance, has announced the debut of its tech platform, which enables partners to create personalised solutions. Battleface offers embedded modular insurance for partners and their clients alike. The way that battleface unbundles travel insurance offers flexibility and customization while keeping it pertinent to the marketplaces of distribution partner companies and their clients.

The quickly expanding business is recognised for creating travel insurance solutions and has amassed a sizable following in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and Canada. Battleface, which has partnerships with Wise & Silent, AWAI, and Mustard Underwriting in Australia, is available in more than 185 countries and uses an API-driven platform that allows partners to seamlessly integrate travel insurance products into their customer journeys.

With set pricing and perks, partners may use the battleface platform to create their own products, giving clients total flexibility.

Battleface and Awai Travel have teamed to offer pre-trip cancellation insurance as standard with every purchase. Awai Travel is a travel technology firm that specialises in leisure travel. On top of battleface’s API, the insurtech platform Wise & Silent created its own products. Additionally, battleface has teamed with Mustard Underwriting, a company that specialises in offering insurance services to the sharing economy sector.

“When travel insurance is unbundled into individual benefits, partners can build their own products on top of APIs with precise benefits driving higher conversion and overall customer satisfaction,” explains Matt McLellan, battleface Managing Director for Australia. We are able to provide clients with access to items based on their real travel demands and itineraries by working with appropriate companies around Australia.

Battleface’s standard coverage includes $40,000 per person in trip cancellation insurance, $2.5 million in personal liability insurance, and unlimited medical coverage. Customers will also have access to battleface’s customer support, claims, travel, and emergency medical teams around-the-clock.

Source: traveldailynews

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