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Boeing 737-8 aircraft are delivered to Corendon Airlines.

Boeing 737-8 aircraft are delivered to Corendon Airlines.

In its 18th year of operation, Corendon Airlines has added Boeing 737-8 aircraft to its fleet in order to upgrade the travelling experience for passengers and boost productivity with cutting-edge technological features.

With its direct flights from numerous European nations, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, and many others, Corendon Airlines has established itself as a major international holiday airline.

Corendon Airlines, which is starting its 19th season, keeps renewing its fleet. It is one of Turkey’s top airlines and flies to well-liked vacation spots in Greece, Spain, and Egypt.

There will be a total of 7 Boeing 737-8s flying in the Corendon colours.

According to research done by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Corendon Airlines, which rose to the eighth-ranked company with the highest number of service exports in 2022 and established itself in Europe and Turkey with its successful flights and operations, has added a new aircraft to its fleet.

The newest aircraft in the Corendon Airlines fleet is a TC-MKG registered Boeing 737-8 model that was produced at the Renton factory of Boeing and delivered directly from the delivery facility in Seattle. Corendon Airlines acquired a total of 7 Boeing 737-8s after the new aircraft were delivered last year. The airline is continuing to revitalise its fleet with the factory-built aircraft it has added.

These aircraft’s cutting-edge technology allows the airline to operate more effectively while providing passengers with a high level of comfort and a quieter flight. The new generation of aircraft also supports Corendon Airlines’ sustainability and environmental protection policies with 15% less fuel consumption, lower carbon emissions, and a 40% lower noise footprint.

Source- Travel daily

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