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Britain values Spain

Britain values Spain

For many years, Spain has been the most popular relocation destination for British citizens. Thousands of families and retirees will continue to find solace on the coast and in the laid-back lifestyle for many years to come.

At, they sought to determine which Spanish regions are most popular with British expatriates.

Key Findings

  • With a total of 92,180, Andalusia has the highest proportion of British expatriates in all of Spain.
  • In fact, three out of ten British expats in Spain reside in Andalusia.
  • Valencia is not far behind with 87,699 British expatriates residing there.
  • The Canary Islands (29,631), Catalonia (24,689), and the Balearic Islands (19,564) round out the top five destinations for British emigration to Spain.
  • Ceuta is the least desired region in Spain, with only 39 British expats residing there, representing only 0.01% of all British expatriates in Spain.

They also examined these figures in relation to each region’s population and discovered the following

  • British expatriates constitute 1.72 percent of Valencia’s total population, or more than one in every 100 residents.
  • Likewise, British expatriates account for 1.58 percent of the Balearic Islands, 1.31 percent of the Canary Islands, 1.15 percent of Murcia, and 1.0 percent of Andalusia.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of, remarked, “Spanish regions such as Valencia and Andalucia have a large British population, and it is simple to see why, with culture readily available, affordable living, an excellent work-life balance, and 3,000 annual hours of sunshine. Additionally, it has a welcoming expat community, the opportunity to enrol in British institutions, and supermarkets stocked with British goods. Whatever you’re searching for in a relocation destination, Spain seems to offer it.”

Source: traveldailymedia

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