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Business Breaking Boundaries: CTW Global 2023 Announces Conference Schedule in Dubai

Business Breaking Boundaries: CTW Global 2023 Announces Conference Schedule in Dubai

The Dubai World Trade Center will host the eagerly anticipated CTW Global 2023 Conference Program from September 18 to September 20, 2023. The top exhibition event of the year, CTW Global is focused on enabling B2B businesses and B2G organizations. It promises to provide unrivaled insights and tactics that will help businesses flourish in the fast-paced services sector. 

The VIP speaker lineup for CTW Global 2023 is remarkable, with each speaker being a renowned authority in their industry. Numerous eminent people, including Faseeh Elahi, a founding member of the World Metaverse Council, Marianna Bulbuc, CEO and Managing Partner of Bizmoiss Group, Katik Bhatt, Chief Operating Officer of Sharaf Retail, and Dr. Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaveri, CEO and Senior Advisor to Royal Family Offices, are among them.  These professionals bring a remarkable depth of expertise and experience to the table as they come from the Finance & Banking, Digital Commerce, and Sustainable Innovation & Technology industries. 

Diverse viewpoints from professionals in the field

Leading specialists from a range of industry sectors will talk at the conference, each offering their own distinctive viewpoints on important Service topics. In-depth discussions on important subjects such Special Economic Zones, Professional & Business Services, Digital Commerce, Sustainable Innovations & Technology, Supply Chain & Logistics, Art & Culture/Entertainment, and Finance & Banking can be expected from attendees. Attendees will receive in-depth knowledge and practical techniques from these recognized individuals for success in the services sector. 

Engaging Sessions Created to Encourage Growth

The schedule for CTW Global 2023 has been carefully planned, and it includes a wide range of sessions that are intended to cover important issues in the services sector. Several of the fascinating sessions are as follows: 

  1. Developing the Trade and Collaboration of the Future 
  2. Infrastructure for Mobility in the Future 
  3. Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Transformation in Free Zones 
  4. Sustainable E-commerce Practices: Juggling Environmental Impact and Profit 5. Exploring the Synergy of Blockchain, AI, and the Regulatory Framework in the UAE

Immerse Yourself in Innovation and Learning

The CTW Global 2023 Conference Program ensures stimulating debates on subject matters unique to the sector, training designed to improve critical business skills, and engaging seminars on cutting-edge ideas and best practices. Attendees may anticipate immersing themselves in a culture of learning and innovation where they will acquire the skills and information required to succeed in the rapidly changing services sector. 

Unprecedented Opportunities for Networking

Throughout the event, there will be numerous opportunities for networking, allowing attendees to build relationships with other professionals in the field, possible business partners, and powerful decision-makers. The platform provided by CTW Global 2023 allows you to create lasting connections that could influence the direction of your company. 

Sign up right away for CTW Global 2023!

CTW Global 2023 registration is now available! Visit our website at to register or learn more about the event. 

A famous exposition, CTW Global is committed to creating innovation, building meaningful relationships, and fostering growth within the services sector. In order to study the most recent trends and tactics influencing the future of the services sector, CTW Global brings together industry experts, top professionals, and enterprises. CTW Global is dedicated to offering top-notch material and networking opportunities. 

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