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Canada's top ten cities for digital nomads

Canada’s top ten cities for digital nomads

The finest Canadian city for digital nomads is Brampton.

According to Ontario Casinos, Brampton, Ontario, has the highest digital nomad suitability rating of 7.79/10, which is 0.29 points better than Ottawa, the nation’s capital (7.50/10). The average monthly cost of living for nomads in Brampton is $2,591, which is one fifth less than the comparable figure in Toronto, which is a nearby city and has an average monthly cost of living of $3,258. According to the rating, Brampton is also the happiest Canadian city, getting 57.4/100 on the Happiness Index, 22% higher than Toronto’s score of 46.97/100. Not only that, but Brampton scored 47.5 on the crime severity index between 2020 and 2021, making it the second-safest Canadian city in the rankings. Despite having the highest monthly average coworking hot desk costs in the country, Brampton’s rates for Airbnb ($3,012.32) are 40% less expensive than those in Vancouver ($5054.48), making it a great place for long-term digital nomads.

Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada, comes in second with a 7.50/10 rating for its suitability for digital nomads. In comparison to Toronto ($3,258), Ottawa’s average monthly cost of living for nomads is $2,326, giving it a 29% cost advantage. The most affordable option nationwide, the average cost of a coworking hot desk in Ottawa is $120.12 per month, making it the perfect place for digital nomads to work. The cost of renting a one-bedroom studio apartment in Ottawa is 30% less per month than in Vancouver ($2,548), despite the fact that the average nightly rate for an Airbnb in the capital is higher at $3,331.24 per month. With a crime severity index of 50.2/100, Ottawa is one of the top 5 safest Canadian cities on the list. It is 1.6 points safer than Quebec (48.6) and earns a noteworthy score of 56.05/100 on the Happiness Index. The capital now has the title of second-happiest city in Canada, where citizens enjoy a thriving economy and a strong sense of neighborhood.

With an aggregate rating of 7.47/10, Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, comes in third. Toronto provides many advantages for remote workers despite having the second-highest cost of living for a digital nomad at about $3,258 per month – 40% more expensive than the capital city, Ottawa ($2,326). The city has a low crime severity index (56.7), and the average monthly cost for a coworking hot desk there is $331.32, less than half that of Brampton, GTA ($648.12). Toronto also receives a high Happiness Index score (45.97/100) due to its high sense of belonging and community, excellent air quality, and low perceived stress, making it a desirable area to live and work in Canada.

The tenth-best Canadian city for digital nomads is Banff.

Banff, Alberta, is in tenth position with a score of 7.03/10. For individuals looking for an economical place to work remotely, Banff is not the best option because it has the highest monthly Airbnb costs in the nation ($17,080.98) and the 7th highest cost of living for digital nomads ($2,425 pcm). However, a coffee in Banff may cost you an average of $6.60, making it the most costly in the nation. For those who prefer an office environment, the city provides coworking hot seats for an average monthly cost of $300.96. Despite this, Banff has the highest Happiness Index score of 47.75 and the fastest average internet speed of 34Mbps, providing a practical and delightful setting for nomads with a greater budget.

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