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CLYMB Abu Dhabi introduces a summer programme for kids called Junior Flying Club.

CLYMB Abu Dhabi introduces a summer programme for kids called Junior Flying Club.

The Junior Flying Club will be back, allowing young children the chance to make the most of their summer vacation with a record-breaking adventure every Saturday at 1:30 PM, beginning this week and running through August 20.

Children as young as 14 years old can learn to fly like a pro inside the largest indoor skydiving chamber in the world for an incredible adrenaline rush. Every visitor will be led in accordance with their distinct groups while being watched over by individualised educators in a secure setting.

With a total of 20 flights, the Junior Flying Club at CLYMBTM Abu Dhabi offers young explorers a thrilling flying experience. Each session consists of five flights, during which qualified instructors provide a thorough pre-session briefing and debriefing. Children can rent flight equipment as part of the programme, receive individualised skill and advancement monitoring from the instructors, as well as a customised development plan.

.All purchased passes are good for three months from the date of purchase, and once enrolled, children can receive up to a 35% discount on the Junior Flying Club. The innovative programme offered by CLYMB Abu Dhabi seeks to stimulate young brains and motivate them to follow their aspirations of reaching new heights in a regulated and monitored environment.

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