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DerbySoft now offers “Booking Network Sponsored Ads” for the Asia Pacific hotel industry

Booking BNSA gives a lot of hotels the chance to differentiate themselves from rival properties on, Agoda, and Priceline’s destination hotel listings. Hotels can participate in the programme and submit bids utilising a Cost Per Click strategy to increase their visibility in traveller searches. DerbySoft offers automated bidding and intelligence. If a hotel were to run such a programme manually, it would be extremely difficult to keep up with the regular updating of bids necessary to outperform the competition.

In order to avoid hotels constantly changing their bids in an effort to improve their ranking and maximise their return on investment, DerbySoft has added clever self-machine learning automation. The hassle of this regularly labor-intensive management duty, which is generally handled by a revenue manager, is also eliminated by automation.

Benefits of Sponsored Ads on BookingNetwork

Utilise, Agoda, and Priceline to reach 90.6 million monthly visitors.

Increase your presence on, Agoda, and Priceline

Get in touch with travellers on a specific website where your hotel is listed.

The first page of the results has a number of premium spots set aside for Booking Network Sponsored Ads.  Depending on the brand, this placement may be at position 1 on Priceline and Agoda or spot 2 on Current offers begin at $0.50, and they compete with other reasonable offers to win the auction. Through intelligent bidding, DerbySoft will make sure hotels receive the most exposure and return on their advertising investment.

Source- Travel daily

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