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Emirates announces an increase in capacity to Australia.

Emirates announces an increase in capacity to Australia.

Emirates has announced that all flights to Sydney starting on November 4 would be flown by A380 aircraft.

The action is a part of the airline’s attempts to improve connectivity and capacity for customers and to give travelers additional options.

Emirates can commit to around 2,000 additional weekly seats with the upgrade to its double-decker aircraft on its third daily route, beginning 4 November 2023, despite the fact that all three of the airline’s slots at Sydney Airport are now in use.

The Boeing 777-300ER aircraft now used for EK 416 and 417 will be replaced by this service.

With a three-class layout and 489 seats, the improved Emirates A380 service will more than double the daily passenger capacity.

This improvement will enhance access to several international locations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as well as links to and from Dubai.

It improves the two current Sydney A380 four-class services, which include Emirates’ most recent Premium Economy cabin.

With 63 weekly routes and approximately 56,000 seats connecting its four main gateways, Emirates is already a big player in the Australian aviation sector.

There are three daily flights to Melbourne and Sydney, two daily flights to Brisbane, and the airline’s flagship A380 service to Perth.

The airline has also started up its A380 between Sydney and Christchurch and Melbourne again and restored services between Melbourne and Singapore.

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By allowing the airline’s fleet to increase and freeing up more of its long-range aircraft to serve locations like Adelaide, the debut of the Emirates Airbus A350 in the summer of 2024 will facilitate further expansion of the airline’s worldwide network. As part of its commitment to reuniting travelers from every region of Australia with its network, the airline is in close contact with Adelaide Airport regarding the restart of nonstop services.

At 2130 hours, the third Sydney A380 flight will leave Dubai and land in Sydney at 1820 hours local time. The return flight takes out from Sydney at 21:10 and lands in Dubai at 04:30 local time.

Emirates continues to increase the A380’s deployment to fulfill the rising demand for travel throughout the world. The airline already serves over 50 cities with its flagship A380, and more cities are expected to receive the aircraft in the upcoming months.

Source- Travel daily

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