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Emirates Group’s corporate offices are committed to innovation.

At the new Innovation Majlis, which was unveiled by HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman & Chief Executive Emirates Airline & Group with other senior officials at its Dubai headquarters, it was highlighted how aviation innovation is hardcoded into the DNA of the Emirates Group.

The Innovation Majlis will present the most recent developments in robotics, hyper-reality, holograms, 3D printers, and other cutting-edge technology as a platform to encourage deeper study and development and broader interchange of cutting-edge ideas. In order to co-create proof-of-concepts that will help customers, communities, and the aviation industry, it will act as the social space for this. Other important factors for the majlis will include collaborations with universities and business leaders, environmental projects, and the investigation of alternative energies.

The Emirates Group has always been a forerunner in the aviation sector, and innovation is intrinsic to our core principles, our culture, and our philosophy, according to HH Sheikh Ahmed. The Innovation Majlis is equipped with the most advanced tools and technology to enable our staff to uncover new possibilities, develop creative solutions, and shape the aviation industry’s future. It will bring together our partners, leading tech businesses, and other organisations in one location to solve pressing issues affecting our sector right now.

Autonomous mobile manipulator: created by Dubai Future Labs for choosing and arranging items from shelves, bins, and table tops as well as delivering orders.

Wearable glasses with AI capabilities for augmented reality experiences change how we view and engage with other people, objects, or services.

The use of haptic gloves for natural XR interactions allows users to interact with virtual items by touching them and sensing their weight, vibrations, and resistance.

generative 3D holographic display By enabling sophisticated conversational capabilities through natural language processing, artificial intelligence (AI) improves the experience of interacting with digital signage.

The next generation of remote, autonomous device charging will be via automatic wireless charging that uses infrared technology.

Solutions for 3D printing: looking at new printers that can work with a wider variety of materials to enable additive production in new fields

A single device that offers cutting-edge sensor and environment optimising technology for video communications is called optimised videoconferencing.

Reverse osmosis and carbon filtration technology from the next generation produce mineralized water from any tap water. 

The Emirates Group has a lengthy track record of leading industry innovation. The first edition of ForsaTEK, an annual gathering of start-up programmes, prominent tech and industrial partners, and important actors in the ecosystem, was hosted by the Innovation Majlis shortly after Sara, the world’s first check-in robot helper, was introduced. The Emirates Centre of Excellence for Aviation Robotics (ECEAR) has been established thanks to a strong partnership between the Dubai Future Foundation and the Emirates Group. To finance research and development projects targeted at reducing the environmental effect of fossil fuels in commercial aviation, Emirates has committed US$ 200 million.

Source- Travel daily

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