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Fear for fun can be beneficial to you.

Fear for fun can be beneficial to you.

Fantastic news for those with Economy Class tickets visiting Zurich, Switzerland! With the brand-new ZRH Club, the Zurich Airport is now providing benefits to improve the travel experience for economy-class passengers. Based on feedback from customers, the Zurich Airport launched this initiative: the ZRH Club, a private club lounge available to all ticket holders for only 49 francs per person. All travelers have a designated space in the club, which also offers free wine, champagne, or hot beverages, as well as a snack. The club’s standout feature is its priority access to the Business/First class security lane, which will greatly expedite transit for budget travelers, particularly in peak hours.

Diversity may be found in the city of Zurich. You can anticipate variety in this amazing city, whether it be in the form of food, art and culture, or even activities. It’s a city where you may live in the city and still be near the outdoors.

With the ZRH club, Zurich Airport hopes to satisfy the ongoing demand from the economic travel class for amenities and an improved travel experience. In addition to saving time, the club wants to improve the quality of travel for all passengers, regardless of class. With the elite ZRH club, you may travel in comfort whether you are traveling in First, Business, or Economy class.

Booking a ZRH Club pass online is quick and simple. Access is added on the traveler’s valid boarding pass once it is booked. Go with comfort as you use the ZRH club.

Source- Travel daily


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