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First-ever Garbage Hunter in the Ocean to be held by Thai Vietjet

First-ever Garbage Hunter in the Ocean to be held by Thai Vietjet

On August 14, 2023, Samae San Island, Chonburi will play host to the first-ever “Garbage Hunter: Scuba Project,” a continuation of the environmental initiative “Garbage Hunter,” as part of Thai Vietjet’s ongoing dedication to environmental preservation through the “Fly Green Fund.”

Early in 2022, the “Garbage Hunter” squad was established with the goals of removing rubbish from various locations throughout Thailand, increasing environmental awareness among airline employees and members, promoting sustainability, and lowering waste and trash in the environment. In Thailand, including Phuket, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Udon Thani, and other locations, Thai Vietjet has successfully hosted more than 10 iterations of Garbage Hunter events since its founding. The most recent episode of Garbage Hunter extends beyond attempts to clean up the land, concentrating on the crucial job of eliminating rubbish from both beaches and even deeper this time, in the ocean, protecting marine life, and maintaining the environment. This will be a great chance for participants to engage in a variety of cleanup initiatives at Samaesan Island dive sites.

“Thai Vietjet considers that as a provider of air transportation services, we are also accountable for environmental sustainability. Pinyot Pibulsonggram, Director of Commercial, Thai Vietjet, stated, “We have made a significant effort to reduce pollution from our everyday operations and have taken various efforts to safeguard the environment, lowering the cause of the global warming challenge that humanity has been suffering.

The airline anticipates that by organising a variety of environmental activities and working with numerous organisations all year long, the Garbage Hunter events will be able to collect at least five tonnes of trash from locations in Thailand annually. The airline anticipates that in the following stage, in addition to the staff members themselves, the public and foreign tourists visiting Thailand will be invited to participate.

Source- Travel daily

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