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For GCC citizens, Steigenberger unveiled the ultimate F1 package.

For GCC citizens, Steigenberger unveiled the ultimate F1 package.

The iconic 5-star luxury hotel Steigenberger Hotel Doha, located in the center of Doha, is happy to announce an exclusive package for GCC citizens wishing to enhance their F1 experience with a touch of elegance and opulence. The Steigenberger Doha’s F1 package, available for as little as QAR 750, includes an overnight stay for two people, free breakfast and dinner at the hotel’s specialty restaurant, Crust, free mocktails at the Sundeck Pool Bar, and a 30% discount on all spa services at the venue’s lavish Opal Spa.

The special F1 package at the Steigenberger Hotel Doha seeks to give its guests an extraordinary Grand Prix weekend by fusing exhilarating race action with unmatched comfort and grandeur in the city where speed meets speed and luxury. Visitors can anticipate being immersed in an exciting and exquisite ambiance as soon as they arrive, capturing the Grand Prix’s high-energy mood while simultaneously relishing in the serene luxury for which Steigenberger is renowned.

“Steigenberger Hotel Doha is thrilled to unveil the exclusive F1 package that encapsulates the very best our city and hotel have to offer,” said Sherief Abouelmagd, General Manager at Steigenberger Hotel Doha. “As the city of Doha prepares to host the highly anticipated Formula 1 Grand Prix,” he continued. “Like Doha itself, the Grand Prix is more than just a competition; it’s a display of invention, speed, and excitement. With a combination of the high-octane thrills of the racetrack and the grandeur and cultural diversity that are the characteristics of Qatari hospitality, our F1 overnight stay package strives to bring this harmony to our esteemed guests. This is an invitation to see Doha in all its splendor, not simply a race weekend.

The Formula 1 Grand Prix Package at the Steigenberger Hotel Doha is more than just a deal; it’s a symbol of the extravagant and thrilling lifestyle that Doha and the hotel each exclusively provide. As Doha prepares to host a weekend of speed, thrills, and luxury, Steigenberger Hotel Doha extends an invitation to GCC citizens to take part in this unique event and enjoy its first-rate services. Early reservations are necessary for those who want to enjoy the Grand Prix weekend in the height of luxury because availability is limited. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy sport, culture, and the art of hospitality is provided by this package, all against the stunning backdrop of Doha’s luminous cityscape.

Source- Travel daily

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