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For members of AirHelp Plus, AirHelp introduces new benefits

The world’s largest organization for air passenger rights, AirHelp, today announced the introduction of a new AirHelp Plus service called AirPayout Insurance. For delays of more than three hours, cancellations made fewer than seven days before departure, and flight diversions, members of this new programme are eligible to receive a guaranteed sum of €100 (about £86), payable within a few days of any flight interruption.

In order to be covered for any delays, passengers must log their scheduled flights using the AirHelp dashboard prior to departure. After that, qualified air travelers will continue to be able to request full reimbursement from the airline and receive the full sum for approved claims through AirHelp.

Flight assistance when required

Members of AirHelp Plus have access to the company’s air passenger rights (APR) expertise around-the-clock, including live support for flight-related questions when faced with delays, interruptions, and cancellations.

The two membership levels offered by AirHelp Plus are Essential and Complete.

When a claim is lodged through AirHelp, the Essential package (€24.99, or roughly £21) waives all fees, saving customers money on service fees while still enabling them to obtain the full compensation sum, up to £520 for flights that qualify under the UK’s air passenger rights rules. Members also receive assistance with delayed, broken, or misplaced luggage.

Passengers who purchase the Complete package (€64.99, around £56) are entitled to further perks like access to more than 1,100 high-end airport lounges in the event that a flight is canceled. AirPayout Insurance, backed by battleface travel insurance, is now included with both memberships. The Essential package covers the customer’s first three journeys, while the Complete package covers all trips.

understanding your rights

With information on the quantity of flights, passengers, interruptions, delays, and cancellations from airports and airlines throughout the world, AirHelp has one of the most precise flight data collections in the world. Of the 103 million passengers flying in the UK in 2022, 37 million experienced delays and interruptions, and over 2.5 million of those passengers were eligible for compensation. Only in cases where the airline is at fault are customers eligible to compensation under UK261, the UK statute for APR, of up to £520 per person for delays longer than three hours, cancellations made fewer than 14 days before departure, and boarding denied due to overbooking.

Source- Travel daily

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