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For the Christmas holidays, REX operates twice as often to Hobart.

For the Christmas holidays, REX operates twice as often to Hobart

Rex announced the establishment of a second daily Melbourne-Hobart service for the Christmas-New Year period.

The extra flights will operate between 18 December and 21 January to accommodate the escalating number of tourists wanting to visit the Apple Isle.

Rex launched the Melbourne-Hobart service last month, and since the first trip on August 14, bookings in both directions have exceeded expectations.

A 6.15 p.m. departure from Melbourne will be added to the midday flight, and on some days, 2.05 and 8.20 p.m. return flights will be available. is now the place to buy flights, with one-way tickets costing as little as $79 there.

The Hon John Sharp AM, Deputy Chairman of Rex, said, “I would urge people to book as soon as possible because I have no doubt that these additional flights will sell out quickly.”

“Passenger demand has been phenomenal, and forward bookings have gone through the roof,” Sharp continued.

Hobart Airport CEO Norris Carter acknowledged his happiness at the success of Rex’s new services. Rex is already launching new services after only a few weeks, claimed Carter.

It’s wonderful to see these extra flights, and even more so to have more competition at Hobart Airport, which is good for travelers. The addition of these programs throughout the summer vacation period is encouraging for Rex in Hobart’s future, according to Carter.

Source- Travel daily

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