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For the first time in almost 20 years, you can fly to Fiji from Canberra

For the first time in almost 20 years, you can fly to Fiji from Canberra

Put your beach hat on and pack your thongs because Canberrans will soon have direct flights to Fiji.

A new direct service is being introduced by Fiji Airways between Nadi, Fiji, and Canberra, Australia.

It’s the first international route to leave Canberra since 2020, and it offers residents a direct path to escape Canberra’s chilly winter and go to the sunny beaches of Fiji.

From July 21 through the end of September, the new route will run twice weekly; starting in October, it will run three times weekly.

Bookings are already being taken for the maiden trip, which will take off on July 21, 2023.

Depending on your travel dates, a roundtrip ticket from Canberra to Nadi might cost anywhere between $499 and $900 AUD. Meanwhile, round-trip business class tickets start at $2,960 AUD.

All economy rates include carry-on luggage up to 7kg, meals, beverages, and entertainment in flight. You receive 30kg of checked luggage when you purchase a value fare.

Fiji Airways CEO André Viljoen expressed excitement over the new service, saying, “We are happy to offer our world-class service to Canberra and connect Australia’s capital with our lovely home, Fiji. We are eager to serve our clients and extend our renowned Fijian hospitality, which distinguishes us from the competition.

With the addition of this route, Fiji Airways now offers 22 direct flights to Fiji. The only airline in the world to currently provide nonstop service between Canberra and Nadi is Fiji Airways.

Hon. Viliame Gavoka, Deputy Prime Minister of Fiji and Minister of Tourism, attended the ceremony for the route’s official unveiling in Canberra and expressed his enthusiasm for it, saying, “This new direct flight route between Canberra and Nadi is a testament to the strong partnership between the Fijian and Australian governments, and we are pleased to work with Fiji Airways, Canberra Airport, and Visit Canberra to make this service a reality.”

“This new service will make travelling to Fiji easy for Australians, whether they are doing it for pleasure or business. The service will also aid in boosting Fiji’s tourism and economic development by creating additional job opportunities and advancing the sector. We extend a warm welcome to everyone who comes to our shores and invite them to discover Fiji’s charm.

Important information

  • From Nadi to Canberra, Fiji Airways will start operating direct flights.
  • From July 21 through the end of September, flights will run on Tuesdays and Fridays twice a week, increasing to three times a week in October.
  • $499 to $900 roundtrip in economy on flights from Canberra to Nadi.
  • Currently, the only airline in the world to provide nonstop service between Canberra and Nadi is Fiji Airways.
  • Canberrans will be able to travel straight to Fiji for the first time in over 20 years.
  • Since early 2020, this will be Canberra Airport’s first international flight.

The new route was hailed by ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, who also predicted that direct flights from Canberra to Fiji will be well-liked. The reintroduction of foreign flights to Canberra is a “really exciting development,” he added.

I was to Fiji last year as part of negotiations between Fiji Airways and the ACT Government regarding this service, so I’m happy to hear that they were successful. I have no doubt that residents of Canberra and the surrounding area will be eager to take advantage of this direct trip and see everything that these lovely islands have to offer.

Head of Aviation at Canberra Airport Michael Thomson stated, “This new partnership between Fiji Airways, The ACT Government, and Canberra Airport signals the return of direct international services to our city and puts Canberra back on the map.”

We are pleased about this new option, which includes speedy connections from Fiji to Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver. Fiji is a fantastic vacation location. We are eager to welcome the first aircraft in July and are thrilled to resume our international operations, including our International Departure Lounge, which provides every customer with a top-rate business-class experience.

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