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For Tirumala Tirupati pilgrims, BLADE India has launched same-day return helicopter services

For Tirumala Tirupati pilgrims, BLADE India has launched same-day return helicopter services

As part of its expansion strategy, FlyBlade India, a joint venture between Hunch Ventures and BLADE Air Mobility, Inc., has begun offering same-day return helicopter services linking Bengaluru to Tirupati Airport. The flights can accommodate 5 passengers at a time and are available “on demand” for INR 3,50,000 + GST. They can be chartered or crowdsourced. The HAL flight from Bangalore airport will depart between 9:15 and 9:30 in the morning, with the return flight departing between 4:00 and 4:15 in the evening.

The service intends to improve Tirupati’s connectivity and make travel easier and more efficient for pilgrims, especially the elderly. Bookings on this route can now be made on the BLADE India website or by calling the Flier Relations team at 1800 102 5233.

By establishing connections between Bangalore and Coorg and Kabini, BLADE India also reached Karnataka. In addition to linking BIAL to the city centre for INR 4500 per person, it offers by-the-seat helicopter services to Coorg and Kabini starting at INR 20000 per person.

Soon after, BLADE India introduced its first intra-city service, the BLADE Airport route, which offered flights from Bengaluru International Airport to significant city landmarks like HAL. To make the trip between North and South Bengaluru easier, BLADE added Hosur to their intra-city network three months after the debut of their Airport route. For an initial fee of INR 4500* per person, flights can be reserved just like any other air ticket. As a part of the company’s expansion strategy, more landing places will be introduced within the city in the upcoming months.

Amit Dutta, Managing Director of BLADE India, commented on the opening of the company’s services in Tirupati, saying, “Pilgrimage in India presents itself as a transforming voyage, yet it remains riddled with accessibility issues, especially for the elderly. Tirupati is one of the most cherished travel locations and is a symbol of devotion. In light of this, BLADE India works to enhance connectivity to this holy location with the aim of connecting well-known locations that are not normally accessible or well-connected.

We are happy that BLADE India offers an alternative to the traditional Tirupati darshan, which requires two full days of travel. Now, pilgrims can make the same celestial trek and return to the city the same day, weaving a tapestry of ease, speed, and timelessness.

Source: traveldailymedia

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