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For travel industry professionals and ethical travellers, Tourism Cares has created the Global Meaningful Travel Map.

For travel industry professionals and ethical travellers, Tourism Cares has created the “Global Meaningful Travel Map.”

Tourism Cares, a well-known nonprofit organisation devoted to promoting sustainable tourism, is commemorating 20 years of working with the travel industry to improve social and environmental conditions in local communities all over the world. 

The group organised a volunteer clean-up event on New York City’s Ellis Island in 2003, which ultimately laid the groundwork for what Tourism Cares is today—a mission-driven international non-profit devoted to assisting travel and tourism businesses in their pursuit of sustainability by offering tools, training, and programming.

Tourism Cares is pleased to announce the launch of its new Tourism Cares Meaningful Travel Map as part of the organization’s 20-year anniversary celebration. This marks an important step in converting the industry into a group that is dedicated to using travel as a force for good. 

The recently relaunched Meaningful Travel Map is a B2B tool that makes it simple for the travel industry and environmentally conscious tourists to find real, community-led experiences, goods, services, lodgings, and tours that can be added to itineraries. 

This gives the industry a competitive edge against the rising consumer demand for responsible travel and has a positive impact on the people and places of travel. The site is hosted by Tourism Cares partner Wander, which equips travel locations with cutting-edge mapping technology.

Source- travel daily

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