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Four reasons why Centara

Four reasons why Centara is “The Place to Be for MICE” are highlighted in the newly redesigned agenda for meetings.

With their New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned initiative, Centara Hotels & Resorts is once again changing the face of meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE).

In the fast-paced world of business and professional meetings, planning an event that will leave a lasting impression is crucial. It involves more than just setting up a meeting; it involves creating an unforgettable experience. With its four-pillared approach, Centara is “The Place to Be for MICE,” providing all the necessary elements for flawless event management, imaginative catering, team-building that is unlike any other, and a dedication to sustainability. The following justifies Centara as your first choice for the location of your next event:

  • All-in-one Meeting Expert

Smooth communication, planning, coordination, and execution are some of the biggest obstacles to a well-run event. The creative “Meeting Guru” service from Centara serves as a one-stop shop and one point of contact for all of your MICE needs, and it is their answer to this difficulty.

The Meeting Guru service provided by Centara is powered by contemporary technology. Participants get access to private chat groups using QR codes, which facilitates effective and safe conversation. By ensuring that all participants in the event are on the same page, it fosters teamwork and removes obstacles to communication.

Additionally, the Meeting Guru will serve as your exclusive point of contact for any matters related to event preparation. With this customized service, you can be confident that your unique requirements and preferences are taken into consideration, resulting in an event that is exactly how you envision it.

  • Innovative cooking encounter

Food is essential to enhancing the essence of any memorable occasion. Thanks to its committed in-house F&B team, Centara has completely reinvented the art of catering. They provide unique dining experiences that will make a lasting impression on your visitors in addition to encouraging interaction and active involvement.

The New Agenda for Centara: Meetings The redesigned curriculum offers a variety of mouthwatering culinary experiences that entice the senses. The possibilities are endless, ranging from an exciting cooking challenge to a sensory-driven “Dinner in the Dark” or an exclusive power lunch in a submarine in the Maldives. Other options include casual beach barbecues, exploring a mouthwatering journey through Thai food stalls, and enjoying the freedom to make your own signature cocktails.
These amazing culinary experiences are carefully designed to make sure they stick in your memory and enthrall your guests. These distinctive locations lend an air of magic to your gathering, making it stick out as a genuinely exceptional event.

  • Promoting participation and cooperation

Several MICE events include team-building exercises, and Centara elevates them by working with Asia Ability, a well-known global training provider. Together, they provide specialized team-building activities that encourage creativity, information exchange, and involvement.

Workshops run from thirty to ninety minutes, and Centara’s in-house professionals ensure that your team-building exercises are not only entertaining but also very educational. These workshops support individual development, team building, and skill enhancement.

Additionally, the hotel chain has a partnership with Asia Ability, so you may benefit from the experience of one of the most reputable companies in the team-building sector. Through this partnership, you can take advantage of special pricing and have access to Asia Ability’s extensive library of team-building exercises, which will guarantee that your event is memorable and engaging.

Centara also promotes community involvement in addition to your event. Building toys for needy kids, community gardening, beach clean-ups, and trash-to-treasure art projects are a few examples of philanthropic activities that can enhance your event while encouraging social responsibility and teamwork.

A more environmentally friendly approach to MICE Centrara sets the standard in this field by providing eco-friendly venues and eco-friendly policies that lower carbon emissions. The hotel chain is dedicated to sustainability, even in terms of community involvement. Events like the “Plastics Only, Please” beach clean-up effort encourage teams to do their part for the environment and give attendees a feeling of direction and social duty.

Convenience and sustainability are combined in Centara’s Green Meetings package. You may rest easy knowing that your event adheres to eco-friendly standards with regard to everything from LED and natural lighting to low-flow taps, waste separation, eco-friendly materials, and locally grown produce.

Prominent institutions like GSTC, Viero, THIS, and DEQP have acknowledged its dedication to sustainability. This accreditation guarantees that your event will take place in locations that adhere to the strictest sustainability guidelines while also highlighting their commitment to environmental friendliness.

  • The MICE Venue to Be at

The New Agenda for Centara: Meetings The redesigned program is revolutionary in the MICE events industry. With the Meeting Guru service, it streamlines event planning; imaginative
catering enhances the gastronomic experience; reimagined team-building exercises promote participation and collaboration; and it sets the standard for sustainability. By using Centara, you’re doing more than just planning an event—you’re giving your guests an unforgettable, profound experience that will stick with them. Make Centara: The Place to Be for MICE the venue of your next MICE event to make it truly unique.

  • Time-Limited Promotion

By reserving your next MICE or corporate event at one of Centara’s breathtaking global locations by December 20, 2023, you may take advantage of these amazing benefits:

Enjoy a complimentary upgrade to a Premium Coffee Break and give your gathering a really special and innovative experience.
Take advantage of 50% off team-building costs and witness the success of your participants with cutting-edge programs tailored to your requirements.

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