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In 2024, take a New SeaTrek Family Cruise in Indonesia to witness all kinds of animals, big and little.

In 2024, take a New SeaTrek Family Cruise in Indonesia to witness all kinds of animals, big and little.

In July and August of 2024, two brand-new, nine-day, family-friendly voyages from Indonesian sailing experts SeaTrek Sailing Adventures will depart from and return to the spectacular islands of the Komodo National Park.

Travel aboard SeaTrek’s UNESCO-heritage traditional Indonesian wooden pinisi sailing ship, Ombak Putih, which departs from 30 July to 7 August and from 10 to 18 August 2024. This ship is built in the same style as used by the renowned Indonesian pirates, the “Boogey Men” (Bugis men) of southern Sulawesi, who still build and maintain SeaTrek’s ships today.

These two voyages, which are specifically designed with children, teens, and adults in mind, will follow the new Whale Sharks, Corals & Dragons cruise on an island hopping adventure along Indonesia’s Ring of Fire. They will be led by two extremely knowledgeable conservationists and naturalists from the UK, Ray and Angela Hale.

Families may anticipate learning about animal camouflage, the significance of protecting wildlife and habitat, and the evolution of the renowned Komodo Dragon to live on the desolate and ancient islands of the Ring of Fire. Numerous opportunities will present themselves to get up close and personal with nature, ranging from secluded encounters with Komodo dragons to mild treks through Komodo National Park where you may seek for bats, butterflies, and beetles.

Additionally, there’s the opportunity to observe a kaleidoscope of vibrant coral reefs, encircled by hundreds of fish and coral species beneath the waves, and swim alongside whale sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles. Or explore on gorgeous white sand beaches while kayaking or paddleboarding. Families can enjoy the extra benefit of exploring the night sky in the southern hemisphere after dark, where they can see constellations like Orion, Scorpio, and the South Cross and pick up some celestial navigation skills.

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