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In the coming ten years, Emirates SkyCargo will increase its capacity

In the coming ten years, Emirates SkyCargo will increase its capacity

Emirates SkyCargo has increased its fleet of freighters by two Boeing 747-400Fs, demonstrating its firm belief in the world cargo market in the face of recent volatility. Emirates, the largest international airline in the world, expects to add 15 more freighters to its fleet through announced orders and its freighter conversion programme. Additionally, new passenger aircraft deliveries, beginning with Airbus A350s in late summer 2024 and followed by 777-Xs the following year, will increase belly-hold capacity.

With a fleet of over 300 wide-body aircraft, including 777s, 777-Fs, 747-Fs, A350s, and A380s, Emirates SkyCargo intends to quadruple its current capacity over the next ten years, add over 20 new destinations to its cargo network, and provide even more flexibility and services to its clients.

While the current market instability may cause others to hesitate, Emirates SkyCargo is moving on with our goals at full speed, according to Nabil Sultan, Divisional Senior Vice President of Emirates SkyCargo. The worldwide air freight market is predicted to grow by 3-5% during the medium to long term. The possibility for Emirates SkyCargo is obvious when you consider the economic activity taking place in markets around the Gulf, West Asia, and Africa, as well as Dubai’s aim to quadruple its foreign commerce, where multi-modal logistics will play a significant role.

While we wait for the delivery of 5 new 777Fs in 2024 and 2025 and 10 777-300ERs to roll out of our conversion programme over the following 5 years, the 2 new 747-Fs that we have leased will provide us immediate capacity. Even these extra planes, in our opinion, won’t be enough. By that time, the MRO will be ready to grow our freighter conversion programme swiftly and effectively if necessary.

The two Boeing 747-Fs, which were obtained on a long-term wet-lease arrangement and are now being deployed to Chicago three times a week and Hong Kong nine times a week, are a complement to Emirates SkyCargo’s current fleet of 11 Boeing 777 freighters.

“The new aircrafts mean we can amplify the connectivity with the main Emirates network and expand our freighter network,” he continued. We now have additional flexibility to better service our various customers thanks to the new fleet mix. Emirates SkyCargo is also making investments to advance digitisation and technological innovation, as well as to create new goods. Our goal is to be the market leader in providing specialized solutions that are quick, dependable, adaptable, and effective. There will be more thrilling developments. Pay attention.

The world works better with Emirates SkyCargo, according to a brand-new creative advertising campaign that the company unveiled this week. The commercial illustrates how crucial its logistics business is to connecting people and goods around the globe, whether that be through life-saving healthcare, fresh fruit, flowers, pets, or valuables, using real-world scenarios.

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