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In the UK, TUI adds ChatGPT to its smartphone app

In the UK, TUI adds ChatGPT to its smartphone app

TUI is exploring the possibility of generative artificial intelligence (AI) by integrating ChatGPT into its smartphone app. An initial trial has been launched on the TUI app in the UK, capping off what three TUI tech engineers and the app product teams first started as a tech experiment. Customers who use the new feature receive personalized recommendations for excursions, activities, and attraction tickets as well as educational comments about popular vacation spots. The app will offer a more honed and pertinent shortlist of descriptions, photographs, and links for suggested experiences based on the quantity of detail the consumer offers about the type of experience they desire, such as culinary activities, adventurous excursions, or museum visits. Then, customers can use the mobile app to make direct experience bookings on

“Generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are changing our lives, and TUI is seizing the potential this presents. ChatGPT technology can aid in streamlining customer services and operations or facilitating easier access to information. Sebastian Ebel, CEO of TUI Group, states, “Our goal is to be a leader in the use of new technologies and to actively shape the future of tourism.”

The addition of ChatGPT to the mobile app is a part of TUI’s effort to integrate AI elements into every aspect of the company. TUI’s strategy is to develop internal competencies across the company while collaborating with its strategic cloud partner AWS and other third parties. To lead the endeavor, TUI has built an internal AI Lab that serves as an open platform for all TUI employees to receive training, support, and direction. To promote a deeper comprehension of the difficulties and opportunities presented by AI for TUI and the travel sector, ChatGPT training was recently established.

“Generative AI is beginning to alter how customers look for and communicate with TUI. We keep testing brand-new innovations that benefit both our clients and staff. We can expand on the extensive machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise that is currently a part of our technological foundation. According to Pieter Jordaan, member of the group executive committee and chief information officer of TUI Group, “This pilot will provide us with critical insights to further enhance the functionality.

Additional trials utilizing generative AI tools are also in progress. These trials include post-holiday customer communication, automated knowledge base analysis to assist contact center teams, content language translation, as well as other applications that assist TUI technology teams in coding and testing.

Customers utilizing ChatGPT on the TUI mobile app can rest easy knowing that their personal information is never shared. Additionally, developers have put policies in place to prevent abusive answers. The feature is a pilot, thus input is always being gathered to make sure TUI standards are always being followed.

Source- Travel daily

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