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India has been one of the Vietnam's source markets with the quickest rate of growth post-Covid: Myter

India has been one of the Vietnam’s source markets with the quickest rate of growth post-Covid: Myter

141k Indian tourists have traveled to Vietnam in the first five months of 2023. The Anam Group plans to open Vietnam’s first pool-villa-exclusive resort in Phu Yen and AXI Plaza, also an all-inclusive convention center, in Cam Ranh in anticipation of a record number of Indian tourists. More information is provided in a special interview with Laurent Myter, Group General Manager of The Anam Group.

TD Brand: What would you say The Anam Group’s properties’ USP is?

Laurent Myter: I’d argue that what makes us special is that we didn’t follow a predetermined definition of luxury. In addition to providing top-notch luxury, The Anam Resorts also uphold the rich Vietnamese culture. Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) acknowledged our concept, making The Anam Mui Ne the first and only resort in Vietnam to join their portfolio.

According to Condé Nast readers’ votes, the award-winning beachfront hideaway The Anam Cam Ranh was one of the top 25 hotels in Southeast Asia. Both lavish Indian weddings with 200 guests and small gatherings are ideal for the beachside property. Travel agencies that cater to corporate groups have a positive attitude toward MICE facilities that are distinctive, like the 60-seater 3D movie theater that can be customized for high-power events.

The first pool-villa-only resort in Vietnam will soon open in Phu Yen. Next to the Cam Ranh property is the inclusive convention center AXI Plaza.

What environmentally friendly procedures does The Anam Vietnam employ?

Myter: Sustainability is a priority for both of our properties. Our 12-hectare seaside property at The Anam Cam Ranh has been set aside 8,500 square meters for the promotion of sustainable farming, which provides food for our chefs. Additionally, we have chosen environmentally friendly items like bamboo bags, recyclable glass bottles, and rice straws.

At Anam Mui Ne, we use solar electricity, locally sourced food, and repurpose laundry water for the gardens as part of our concrete efforts to lessen our carbon footprint. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) key cards have been replaced with non-toxic, biodegradable ones. These have the support of the global non-profit Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which promotes ethical forest management.

TD Brand: What kind of visitors do you get? Business, pleasure, NRIs, or home use?

Myter: Our strength has always been the variety of visitors we attract from the leisure, family, honeymoon, and corporate markets.

What incentives do you provide to travel agencies and tour operators, Brand TD?

Myter: Our interaction with the tourism sector has improved our standing in the Indian market. We do not adhere to the “one size fits all” philosophy, which is why we provide our trading partners with customized incentives based on many variables, such as group size. In addition to our continuing assistance, which includes providing special discounts and help with their travels, we recently invited eight high-end travel agents from Mumbai to visit both of our hotels. It gave them a comprehensive overview of the resorts, MICE and wellness offerings, and amenities to help them design immersive itineraries for their customers.

What patterns have you noticed in Vietnam’s hospitality sector, Brand TD?

Myter: Travelers are increasingly looking for customized experiences, roomy lodgings, amenities that make working productive, on-site activities, and sustainability initiatives. Numerous luxury hotels and resorts in Vietnam are effectively adjusting to changing consumer needs, and the country’s hospitality sector is expanding significantly. The demand for travel experiences and discovering hidden gems has been steadily increasing. In Phan Thiet City of the province of Binh Thuan, Nha Trang and Mui Ne are growing in popularity with Indian honeymooners and leisure travelers. They are making the decision to immerse themselves in various cultures and opulent amenities, such as The Anam Mui Ne. Due to its expansive facilities for sizable events and premium amenities, The Anam Cam Ranh is chosen by high-spending travelers, long-stay tourists, and MICE groups.

How has tourism increased in Vietnam since CAVID? Could you provide 2023 inbound Vietnam statistics?

Myter: Vietnam had a substantial increase in foreign visitors in 2022 and 2023 as the country decided to allow quarantine-free admission and restore the majority of its pre-pandemic visa policies. In the first half of 2023, the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism recorded more than 5.5 million foreign visitors, surpassing the entire number of foreign arrivals in 2022. 141k Indian tourists have traveled to Vietnam in the first five months of 2023. The administration intends to target 8 million foreign visitors this year, with ease visa access serving as a motivating factor.

India has become one of the source markets with the quickest growth post-Covid, spanning a variety of industries like MICE, leisure, and extended family vacations. South Korea, the US, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, China, and India will be Vietnam’s top import markets in 2023.

TD Brand: Where did your hotelier career begin? What guidance would you provide newcomers to the industry?

Myter: In Bern, Switzerland, at The Schweizerhof, one of The Leading Hotels of the World, I began my professional life. I’ve since had the honor of working in a variety of hotels all around the world, including those in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. As a hotelier, I have closely watched dynamics change, especially in the post-COVID period, such as changing visitor needs, diverse age demographics, and various travel reasons.

The hospitality sector demands that heartfelt services be continuously provided. I would advise the newcomers to keep up with modern trends, be flexible, always assess the needs and preferences of guests, and even anticipate their demands when feasible. Success in this field can be attributed to meticulousness and an eagerness to solve problems.

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