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Indonesian government 'mulls tourist tax' for Bali visitors

Indonesian government ‘mulls tourist tax’ for Bali visitors

The Indonesian government is considering imposing a possible “tourist tax” on tourists travelling to Bali as the island’s population continues to grow.

The popular vacation spot will charge visitors up to $150 to enter, according to the Australian Financial Review.

This week, the government and President Joko Widodo were debating the proposal, according to tourism minister Sandiaga Uno.

The fee, according to Bali Tourism Board Chairman Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana, will prevent Bali from being perceived as a “cheap” vacation spot.

However, opponents of the proposal argue that stronger enforcement of already-existing laws is necessary to keep law-breaking tourists in check.

According to Komang Artana, vice-chairman of the Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association, foreigners travelling on tourist visas are not permitted to work for hire in Indonesia, yet some take co-nationals on spontaneous tours or rent out their motorcycles.

The idea comes as Indonesia keeps up its crackdown on visitors who act badly.

The Indonesian government had deported 93 foreign nationals from Bali as of mid-April, the majority as a result of visa or permission infractions.

With 24 tourists sent home, Russians made up the largest contingent. Nigeria came in second with seven guests, followed by the US and Australia with six each.

According to the AFR, there are currently 101 deportees scheduled for 2023, only six of whom are Australian citizens.

Balinese tourism has also increased as a result of refugees from the continuing war in Europe.

Source: 9news

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