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IRIS has released a new guide to help hoteliers select the best digital ordering platform.

IRIS has released a new guide to help hoteliers select the best digital ordering platform

IRIS announces the release of its newest booklet, “The Hotelier’s Guide to Choosing a Digital F&B Ordering Platform,” with the goal of enabling operators to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and optimize operations.

The subject of how hospitality operators may maximize resources and realize revenue objectives has never been more urgent than it is now, ahead of the busy holiday season and at a time when rising costs and personnel continue to provide difficulties. They are looking more and more to technology for the answer, and for many people, that answer is digital food and beverage ordering. But with so many platforms, providers, and integrations available on the market, it can be challenging to know where to begin and, more importantly, how to choose the best platform.

The following is included in the most recent guidance from the IRIS expert team:

a description of the F&B ordering websites

How to evaluate the requirements you have for a system, the outcomes you wish to achieve, and the problems you need it to answer

The essential characteristics and capabilities you should search for to get the ideal fit for your hotel or restaurant

How digital eating helps personnel, business, and customers, enabling organizations to remain effective and competitive

The development and use of digital F&B ordering has grown dramatically on both the operator and customer sides of the menu. Operators have jumped at the chance to use it as a dynamic and captivating approach to highlight their F&B offering. It provides team members with remote and real-time access as well as the agility and flexibility to edit menus at the push of a button. Along with POS and PMS connectivity, it also provides the added advantages of reducing wait times, securing payments, and increasing revenue. The ease of browsing, ordering, and paying from the palm of one’s hand enhances the experience for visitors in more beneficial ways

“Our latest guide has been designed to offer hospitality operators a clear, practical roadmap for digital F&B ordering,” says Kate Fuller, Senior Marketing Manager at IRIS. The desire from visitors for a mobile-first experience has grown exponentially in recent years and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Operators must make sure they comprehend not just what digital F&B ordering is capable of, but also how to select the best platform for their location. They may be confident that they are providing the best ROI for their personnel, visitors, and bottom line at that point.

Source- Travel daily

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