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JCB introduces a special promotion scheme for visitors to Japan.

JCB introduces a special promotion scheme for visitors to Japan

The “The heart of HOKKAIDO” program has been launched by JCB International Co., Ltd., the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co., Ltd., Japan’s only international payment brand. It offers JCB cardholders outside of Japan special offers on experiences and purchases at businesses in the popular tourist destination of Hokkaido. From October 1, 2023, until March 31, 2024, this promotion will be active.

At certain Hokkaido businesses, JCB cardholders will find fantastic discounts and gift offers at this time. This program intends to promote not only shopping but also spending on distinctive experiences in Hokkaido, which is drawing an increasing number of tourists to Japan. It offers privileges at a variety of retailers in Hokkaido with JCB Cards. In addition, through encouraging visitor consumption and improving the travel experience for JCB cardholders, JCB intends to support the local communities.

Because of our shared objective to support the growth of neighborhood communities and give tourists to Japan a truly Japanese experience, JCB and partner businesses have decided to establish this program jointly.

JTB Corp. and Fun Japan Communications Co., Ltd., which run the social media platform “FUN! JAPAN” and give information on Japanese culture, food, fashion, technology, and business, are also partners in this program. Through the exclusive “FUN! JAPAN” website, JCB cardholders can also take advantage of exclusive promotions. The website “The FUN! JAPAN Furusato Membership Program” is made to continually grow the number of fans of Hokkaido, including members who are devoted, frequent visitors to the area and who make e-commerce purchases of Hokkaido specialties from other countries.

  • What Each Partner Does

– JCB International Co., Ltd. runs the “The heart of HOKKAIDO” program, which offers exclusive deals and discounts at stores and eateries in the region’s main tourist areas. The company also advertises the program through its own media and advertisements, as well as through the JTB’s initiative to entice more JCB cardholders to visit Hokkaido.

– JTB Corp.’s HOKKAIDO Branch brings together affiliated businesses and collaborates with regional travel and tourism organisations.

– The Area Solution Business Division of JTB Corp. encourages the registration of goods that allow visitors to the area to have special experiences.

– Fun Japan Communications Co., Ltd. creates the community “The FUN! JAPAN Furusato Membership Program” and the campaign website.

In order to improve the travel experience of JCB cardholders, the Japanese company provides services. For information about advantageous promotions and practical services in many languages, see “JCB Global”, the official YouTube channel, and the “JCB Special Offers” website (*).

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