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Mammoth Lakes Tourism commits $100,000 as part of its sustainability efforts to preserve its lakes.

Mammoth Lakes Tourism commits $100,000 as part of its sustainability efforts to preserve its lakes

The region’s waters will be cleaned up as part of a new fundraising initiative launched by Mammoth waters Tourism. This comprehensive clean-up is taking place at Mammoth Lakes, one of California’s most picturesque and magnificent mountain destinations, in order to give both tourists and residents the best possible experience. The tourism board has collaborated with Clean Up The Lake, a group dedicated to combating garbage and pollution on land and in the water, and will match all funds received over the next four years, up to $100,000. Cleaning up at Lake George started this month and will go on until 2026.

Four of the lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Basin—Lake George, Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, and Lake Mamie—have had pilot research dives throughout the past year. The team’s comprehension of the environmental concerns at hand and the steps that must be taken to preserve the wellbeing and long-term preservation of the region’s titular treasures was improved by these dives.

The partnership’s objectives are to guarantee that submerged litter is removed, to record any and all aquatic invasive species that are endangering the lakes, to work to safeguard animal species both above and below the surface, and to stop any further pollution.

In order to remove fishing debris, plastic pollution, and other environmental threats, volunteers from Clean Up The Lake started a comprehensive clean up and survey of the invasive aquatic species in Lake George’s 2-mile circumference this month. They collaborated with volunteer scuba divers, free divers, and kayakers.

The founder and executive director of Clean Up The Lake, Colin West, remarked, “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working in the Mammoth Lakes Basin this fall.” Action is required to assure the continued conservation of the Sierra’s most important resource since there is a significant litter problem that has gone unaddressed for decades.

In order to involve tourists and the local community in increasing education and fostering volunteer efforts for lake clean-ups over the next four years, Clean Up The Lake will collaborate with Mammoth Lakes Tourism.

“Our investment in this program is a commitment to the natural resources that make this place so special,” said Mammoth Lakes Tourism Executive Director John Urdi. Not only will this work immediately affect our magnificent alpine lakes, but it will also emphasize how crucial it is to preserve our recreational spaces for both locals and tourists. Just below the surface, a significant impact on our environment is taking place. Out of sight and out of mind, much of this trash is.

Source- Travel daily

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