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New booking platform offers access to non-public discounts on hotels and travel experiences

New booking platform offers access to non-public discounts on hotels and travel experiences

UTAH’S SOUTH JORDAN – The debut of Travelpass Group’s new trip-planning platform, a website with curated experiences and public and private reduced accommodation rates, is announced. Travelpass Group is a prominent provider of travel technology and booking solutions. unlocks lodging rates by utilising a multi-supplier network of hotels and provides support, inspiration, and community when travelling.

The Travelpass platform offers consumers options that make trip planning easier and more enjoyable. Hotel discounts in North America will be available to everyone who visits the website. Travellers may form a free member log-in to peruse its huge inventory pool and have access to hotel discounts that aren’t often made public. Additionally, a team of agents is available by phone around-the-clock to unlock the biggest discounts and offer customer service. Bookings are made directly on the Travelpass website after a traveller selects the ideal location.

According to CEO Ryan McCoy, “the modern traveller demands a simple platform that offers transparent pricing and personalised trip-planning tools, so they can efficiently book an amazing getaway.” Since the introduction of rideshare apps, the travel industry has a reputation for being sluggish when it comes to innovation. Our ability to access a variety of supply channels allows us to provide insider prices as well as specialised, technologically advanced trip planning tools, which is what makes Travelpass unique.

As summer tourism picks up, several cities are already seeing a spike in bookings from people trying to secure hotels before they go up in price and become more scarce. According to research by Travelpass Group, the top five U.S. cities for travel between May 1 and September 30 this year are:

  • Las Vegas
  • Orlando, FL
  • Nashville, TN
  • Seattle
  • New York

Wherever you decide to travel this summer, Travelpass is improving the travel experience with open pricing and simple assistance. In accordance with Google statistics from 2022, 43% of travellers claimed that their pre-booking research took at least one month. With the help of the company’s platform, travellers can organise their whole trip in one location. 59% of summer travellers choose the convenience of booking over the phone with assistance from the Travelpass staff.

“Travelpass caters to the adventurous at heart. According to Austin Lowe, president of Travelpass, “We are enthusiastic about enhancing people’s lives via travel. This emotion drives every part of this firm. “This platform opens up new opportunities while bringing together a vibrant community of adventurous, inquiring, and entertaining travellers. The journey has only just begun.

In the upcoming months, Travelpass intends to release a number of new products, including an app for managing travel itineraries and scheduling destination activities like sporting events and concerts. Additionally, the platform will offer individualised travel agent support and expand its domestic hotel inventory with global choices. If travellers need assistance with trip planning, they can turn to Travelpass for AI-driven travel suggestions utilising ChatGPT. Users will have the opportunity to make draught itineraries, store them, and then share them with their friends and family for input.

Source: traveldailynews

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