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New immersive expedition cruises from Hurtigruten Expeditions are available for the Patagonian Fjords and Antarctica

Hurtigruten Expeditions will launch a thrilling line of immersive expedition voyages in 2024 that combine the breathtaking Patagonian fjords of South America with the mesmerising continent of Antarctica. For contemporary adventurers, this latest offering from Hurtigruten Expeditions offers even more exceptional encounters.

The 17-day Antarctica, Patagonia, and Chilean Fjords Expedition, departing from Punta Arenas, Chile, is the centrepiece of this ground-breaking journey. Four days in the breathtaking Chilean fjords and seven days spent discovering Antarctica’s treasures make up this unique adventure.

Additionally, the tiny, specially designed expedition ship MS Maud will set sail on lengthy 23 and 24-day voyages from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Antarctica and to Punta Arenas, giving travellers the chance to experience South America, the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia all in one amazing journey.

Life-altering encounters 

The most immersive way to travel to Antarctica is on an adventure ship, and Hurtigruten Expeditions is the undisputed world authority on expedition travel. Visitors will have the opportunity to see Antarctica, the world’s coldest, wildest, and most isolated inhabited region, as well as the lively culture and breathtaking scenery of South America. They will see the same rough landscapes that early explorers encountered centuries ago, unaltered by time, including Chilean fjords, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, icebergs, and glaciers.


Guests will have the chance to witness majestic whales while sailing through some of the world’s most active ocean ecosystems, and they’ll also get up close and personal with penguins and seals. Travellers can take part in incredible trips, landings, and expert discussions by joining the company’s knowledgeable expedition team. Additionally, they will have the chance to journey with active researchers and specialists, receiving priceless perceptions and insights that may change their worldview.

Source- Travel daily

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