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North America is now a part of Luxperia.

North America is now a part of Luxperia.

Following a notable 2022–2023 growth, Luxperia is happy to announce its expansion into North America. As part of this growth, a new office is being established in Canada, and Mrs. Chau has been appointed sales manager for North America and Europe.

Strategic expansion into North America was prompted by Luxperia’s impressive recent growth, which drew luxury agencies and tourists from the US, Mexico, Spain, and the UK. The opening of the Canadian office demonstrates Luxperia’s dedication to providing clients in North America with specialized services and unmatched luxury travel experiences.

Chau, a devoted Luxperia employee with more than 29 years of experience in the travel sector, is in charge of this growth. concentrating on travel-related sales and operations. Chau is a perfect candidate because of her deep comprehension and dedication. Her enthusiasm for building enduring travel memories fits in perfectly with Luxperia’s core principles.

According to Principal Co-Founder Linh Le, “Our expansion into the northern market fits naturally and organically with an increase in trade partners and visitors from the northern hemisphere since 2022.” While Luxperia’s MD, Lan Le (Managing Director & Co-Founder), added: “We’re excited to expand into North America and Europe, with full confidence in Mrs. Chau’s expertise — especially with her ability to work in both English and French languages”

A fascinating chapter has begun with Luxperia’s growth into North America and Ms. Chau’s secondment. Luxperia is dedicated to creating extraordinary luxury travel experiences and is looking forward to reaching new audiences with travel’s charm.

Source – Travel daily

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