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Opening of a new section of the Domodedovo Airport terminal

The T2 section of the passenger terminal at Moscow Domodedovo Airport, which increased the air harbor’s size to over 500 000 m2, has been operational and has already handled the first foreign flights. The airport can accommodate more than 60 million passengers annually.

“The launch of T2 is a landmark occasion in the history of domestic civil aviation as well as Domodedovo Airport! I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who helped carry out this significant endeavour. I would really like to thank the airlines and the travellers. Because of their decision, they motivated us to design and carry out this special project, according to Andrey Pavlov, director of Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Over 42 billion rubles in investments were made for the building of T2. The new service sector is for foreign carriers.

T2 has seven stories and a 240 000 m2 total space. A check-in facility, consisting of three islands with 28 sections each and four reception desks for big bags, is located on the ground floor. Border and customs control checkpoints are located on the second floor.

In the sterile zone, there are 22 boarding gates, 16 of which have modern teletraps. Automatic turnstiles at the exits enable passengers to bypass the boarding check on their own.

A single terminal enables the most effective use of the airport complex’s transfer capability, and the project is carried out within the parameters of the architectural concept UNDER ONE ROOF. The Domodedovo Airport, which was built with glass on a polygonal structure, is the largest thing in Russia. This is a useful, practical solution that improves energy efficiency in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Millions of travellers are familiar with the appearance of the air harbour, which was enhanced by the atrium, a new iconic architectural feature. A glass dome covers this circular area of the gallery, which is surrounded by duty-free stores, business centres, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Through the implementation of a multi-level service system, technological solutions in T2 are intended to minimise the reduction of passenger service time. The entrances and exits for these groups of passengers and guests are situated at various levels of the terminal building, preventing the intersection of passenger flows—arriving and departing travellers. A two-level car flyover was implemented simultaneously with the opening of the new segment.

Source- Travel daily

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