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Over the next ten years, travel and tourism in Africa could increase the continent's GDP by US$168BN.

Over the next ten years, travel and tourism in Africa could increase the continent’s GDP by US$168BN.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), working with VFS Global, announced at its Global Summit in Kigali that the travel and tourism industry in Africa has the potential to boost the continent’s GDP by US$168BN and generate over 18 million new jobs.

The study “Unlocking Opportunities for Travel & Tourism Growth in Africa” claims that in order to realize this potential growth, three crucial policies must be implemented in order to achieve an annualized growth rate of 6.5% and a contribution of more than US$ 350 billion.

The paper provides a set of policies aimed at boosting tourism, facilitating visas, and enhancing air infrastructure in order to improve Africa’s growth.

Travel and tourism is a major industry in Africa, bringing in about US$ 186BN to the continent’s GDP in 2019 and accommodating 84 million foreign visitors.

Additionally, the industry is vital to employment, supporting 25 million people, or 5.6% of all occupations in the region, with their means of subsistence.

“Africa’s travel & tourism sector has witnessed an extraordinary transformation,” stated Julia Simpson, President & CEO of WTTC, during her speech at the organization’s Global Summit in Kigali today. Its worth has more than doubled in just 20 years, greatly boosting the continent’s economy.

Africa has enormous growth potential for travel and tourism. It has already more than doubled since 2000, and in the ensuing ten years, with the correct policies, it might unlock an extra US$168 billion.

“Africa needs marketing campaigns to highlight the wealth of destinations in this breathtaking continent, as well as simpler visa processes and improved air connectivity within the continent.”

“We are excited to partner with WTTC to uncover the extensive opportunities that Travel & Tourism offers in Africa,” says Zubin Karkaria, Founder & CEO of VFS Global.

“Having developed our footprint in Africa since 2005, we are now 38 governments’ trusted partner, providing our services to them in 55 cities throughout 35 African countries.  Africa has enormous potential, and VFS Global is steadfastly committed to fostering the growth of travel and tourism to and from the continent.

“In addition to highlighting the various opportunities for cross-cultural cooperation, sustainable tourism, and economic growth, this report offers governments insightful information for policy formulation and gives businesses a clear path for growth in this booming market.”

This paper explores the historical development of the travel and tourism industry in Africa. It’s a tale about overcoming obstacles head-on, from the 2008 Global Financial Crisis to the setbacks brought on by disease outbreaks and unstable political environments.

In spite of all these obstacles, the travel and tourism industry is headed toward recovery.

The worldwide body projects that 2023 will see the creation of around 1.8 million new employment and a near-full recovery, falling just 1.9% short of 2019 levels.

Prospects for Africa

The potential for the industry are highlighted in the research, and these include smart investments in better connectivity, expedited immigration procedures, lowering carbon footprints through the adoption of low-carbon energy sources, and increasing water efficiency.

These could open up the African travel and tourism industry’s potential for long-term expansion, job generation, and economic development.

Source- Travel daily


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