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Pacific Emporium is unveiled by Pan Pacific Singapore.

Pacific Emporium is unveiled by Pan Pacific Singapore.

Authentic local flavors, artisanal products, and specifically curated gifting options from regional businesses and designers can be found at the new dining and retail area Pacific Emporium, which has just opened at Pan Pacific Singapore, the flagship property of the Pan Pacific Hotels Group.  

The Kitchen, The Bar, The Deli, and The Gifting are four separate sections of Pacific Emporium, each of which offers a unique experience that captures the panache of Singapore. The Pacific Emporium combines a touch of luxury with warm comfort to create a pleasant location for all hotel guests. It features a colorful open space decorated with fresh produce, comfortable and inviting sitting options, and elegant marble accents. 

The last orders are taken at 10:30 p.m. Pacific Emporium is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

A Celebration of Singapore’s Diverse Culinary Heritage, The Kitchen 

The Kitchen’s menu, which combines traditional dishes with well-known hawker favorites, offers a culinary journey of Singaporean flavors. The menu items were designed by award-winning Executive Chef Nicholas Shadbolt to highlight the finest of Singaporean cuisine, including both traditional favorites and fresh new dishes. 

  • Specialty Menu Items 

A strange but exquisite combination of a traditional cheeseburger with fish otah and ginger-infused lemongrass mayonnaise is the Peranakan Wagyu Beef Burger. 

An tribute to the kong bak bao, the braised pork belly burger features pillowy buns and fork-tender meat surrounded by an Asian slaw and cilantro mayonnaise.

  • Rice with Heritage Chicken: A substantial serving of the national cuisine of Singapore, which includes fragrant rice, tender steamed chicken, and a variety of sauces, from the well-known garlic chilli sauce to minced ginger. • Lobster Laksa: Indulge in a cherished Singaporean staple that has been elevated to new heights with our Laksa, which has been covered with a lavish coating of juicy lobster meat that goes well with the creamy coconut gravy. 
  • The Bar: Drink concoctions and infusions Singaporean flavors are present Quench your thirst at The Bar with a variety of drinks, including freshly squeezed juices with local names and creative blends with regional twists. To give foreign visitors a sense of Singaporean culture while still staying at the hotel, the menu contains definitions of each term. 
  • Specialty Menu Items 

Boba-Cane is a special drink that combines modern and traditional tastes. It is made with fresh sugarcane juice and comes with a selection of toppings, including white pearls, grass jelly, and others.

The dish “Die Die Must Try” is from the “Fizz-ical” menu. The mixture blends pink peppercorn, basil, and a tad of spice with the subtle sweetness of fermented peaches.

A choice from the “Fizz-ical” menu is Catch No Ball. A lovely blending of the earthy tones of cinnamon and clove with the richness of cherry and the acidity of lime.

The Deli: A Tasteful Exploration of Sweet and Savory Delights 

The counters at The Deli are adorned with a cornucopia of delectable treats, including quality charcuterie, handcrafted sausages from the on-site Pan Pacific Butchery run by Master Butcher Haiko Mayer, gourmet cheeses that have been painstakingly sourced, freshly baked pastries, and a choice of the best patisserie. 

  • Original menu item 

Soft black sesame sponge and light Sakura mousse combine to create the magnificent teacake known as Sakura, which is made of delicate and aromatic ingredients. 

The Gifting Festival showcases Singapore’s craftsmanship and inventiveness. 

Instead of having a standard gift shop, Pacific Emporium smoothly integrates retail into the eating area, showcasing Singaporean producers and designers through a variety of distinctive high-end designs, accessories, food products, and souvenirs that capture Singapore’s artistry and heart. The Gifting, a platform created in collaboration with the Singapore Fashion Council’s (SFC) Design Orchard, is outfitted with the top regional brands. Retail items are tastefully presented on fixtures by LA Design, one of Design Orchard’s partner brands, and are available for customers to browse at their leisure throughout the Pacific Emporium area. 

With a goal of empowering and inspiring Singapore brands, the SFC works closely with a variety of partners, including Pan Pacific Singapore, to open up fresh possibilities for significant growth. The Pacific Emporium area and Design Orchard’s mission to give local brands a platform to share their creativity with the world harmoniously combine to capture the panache of Singapore. 

  • Authentic Brands 

Coconese – COCOONESE was developed to highlight the beauty of handcrafted artwork. They are dedicated to producing excellent and distinctive women’s bags with Asian-inspired patterns. Singapore is where COCOONESE’s handcrafted goods are created. Since every one of their bags is painstakingly handmade and hand-sewn, they have extremely few stock options, which also makes each design one of a kind.

Strait Lights is a luxury design studio that creates one-of-a-kind products to improve daily life and commemorate the area we call home. Strait Lights was inspired by Singapore’s city of villages. Strait Lights is a design firm that produces high-end fragrances and lifestyle products that highlight life in the Lion City. Strait Lights was inspired by Singapore’s “city of villages.” Our goods are painstakingly handmade and are full of soul. Everything we do is meant to highlight the subtle but resonant message of belonging and to deepen the bond between people and place. 

The Animal Project (TAP) is a social company that supports, promotes, and recognizes the talents of people and artists with special needs. Products from its exquisitely designed line of goods include artwork, presents, housewares, and lifestyle items. They are adorned with animal drawings created by artists with disabilities. Through the sale of these goods, the artists receive royalties. TAP also offers jobs to those with disabilities. 

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