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Palladium Hotel Group to manage the new 45 Times Square Hotel in New York

Palladium Hotel Group to manage the new 45 Times Square Hotel in New York

The latest worldwide opening for Only YOU Hotels, the upscale lifestyle brand owned by Palladium Hotel Group, will be at 45 Times Square. The Ferrado Hotels-owned hotel will begin accepting guests in June of next year.

MADISON – The new 45 Times Square Hotel is located in the centre of Manhattan, a short distance from Times Square. When Ferrado Hotel opens in June 2023, Palladium Hotel Group will be in charge of managing the property, which is owned by Sandra Ortega’s family office Rosp Corunna Group. The property will be managed by Palladium Hotel Group under the interim moniker 45 Times Square Hotel until it is transformed into an Only YOU Hotel, a premium lifestyle brand with which the hotel brand establishes itself in metropolitan areas.

With 139 rooms, the building perfectly captures the look and lifestyle of New York City. It provides its visitors the chance to make the skyscraper-filled metropolis their own because of its excellent position. Even the most inquisitive and restless traveller will be surprised by their “Enjoying every NYC minute” attitude.

This new opening marks a significant turning point for Palladium Hotel Group because it’s the first hotel we’ll be running in the US. According to Jess Sobrino, CEO of Palladium Hotel Group, New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. “Only YOU Hotels will be a perfect fit with the innovative and urban style of the city,” he stated.

However, “From Only YOU Hotels’ standpoint, it’s vital to have a presence in one of the cities that has the greatest worldwide influence on entertainment, fashion, and culture. Juan Serra, General Manager of Only You Hotels, emphasised that the Palladium Hotel Group is striving to improve the asset, following the brand’s trend, imitating the city, and welcoming visitors who want to enjoy all of their experiences.

The brand wants to make the “45” a representation of urban explorers, or those who make a place their home by visiting museums and dining in the most desirable establishments suggested by residents, during this period of transition. Travellers who stay at “45” want to refuel while breaking away from their routine and seeing more of the city, turning the number into The Seeker’s Number.

Given that New York is a city that never sleeps, the 45 Times Square Hotel is the ideal location to unwind and daydream about a memorable trip to the Big Apple.

Source: traveldailynews

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