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Pegasus Airlines collaborates with CHOOOSE on a climate program.

Pegasus Airlines collaborates with CHOOOSE on a climate program.

Leading Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines has joined forces with climate technology company CHOOOSE, based in Norway. When passengers fly with Pegasus Airlines, they can go to to measure the carbon footprint of their flights and reduce their travel-related emissions by assisting in the implementation of verified climate solutions.

Güliz ztürk, CEO of Pegasus Airlines, issued a statement reiterating his company’s unshakable commitment to the aviation industry’s sustainability objectives. He said: “At Pegasus Airlines, we are very glad to have made yet another step towards sustainability. We have committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in terms of climate action. Our emissions intensity objective, which aims to cut carbon emissions per revenue passenger kilometers by 20% by 2030 compared to 2019 levels, has further strengthened our commitment. Significant reductions in our activities and the infrastructure we rely on will be necessary to meet our aims.

To reach our goals, we are engaged in a variety of projects. We also understand that our customers want to be given the chance to make decisions about their vacation. We firmly think that in order to achieve sustainability, the entire ecosystem must work together and take joint action. In order to encourage our visitors to take climate action while traveling, we sought to develop a new platform. We are excited to collaborate with CHOOOSE to introduce this innovative climate initiative. We anticipate that this program will give us more chances to interact with our visitors about our sustainability efforts.

“We are honored to work with Pegasus Airlines and support their customers’ efforts to combat climate change. People are wanting to understand their emissions and support climate solutions in greater and greater numbers. The CHOOOSE CEO, Andreas Slettvoll, expressed his excitement about making climate action more accessible to tourists in Turkey and beyond.

The new platform enables users to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and offers corporate travel managers and travelers the chance to voluntarily reduce the carbon emissions caused by their travel by making donations to initiatives that support global climate action, such as the development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The booking flow integration will be included to the climate program.

Source- Travel daily

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