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Performance peaks for GHA Q3

Performance peaks for GHA Q3

With 800 hotels spread across 40 brands in 100 countries, Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) is the largest alliance of independent hotel brands in the world. It is currently on pace to set a record year, with 2023 room revenues, room nights, and total domestic and international stays year-to-date (YTD) all consistently higher than 2019—its previous best year.

Strong Q3 performance, with hotel revenues 41% higher than in Q3 2022 and room nights up 31% year over year for Q3, are proving to be a big factor in GHA’s 2023 gains. With 101% more sales than in 2022 YTD, the total revenue for 2023 YTD has reached US$1.7 billion.

During Q3 2022, new enrollments for GHA DISCOVERY increased by 46% compared to Q3 2022. This was a significant milestone for the award-winning program, as its overall membership surpassed 25 million.

“All key performance indicators peaked in Q3, driven by phenomenal summer demand in every major market where our hotel brands operate,” stated GHA CEO Chris Hartley. “It’s been an amazing year for GHA.” “This unfettered desire for travel, along with the addition of over 21 new properties from 14 different brands to GHA since the year’s beginning, has increased the appeal of our reward program and resulted to a significant increase in GHA DISCOVERY membership, which now stands at over 25 million.

Due in large part to the portfolio strength and appeal of GHA hotel brand assets in these markets, Spain, Thailand, and Italy are the top three countries generating 2023 room revenue improvements year-over-year. Singapore and the UAE follow closely behind in fourth and fifth place.

Chris Hartley, CEO of Horizontal Hotel Alliance

Organizing it according to the hotels that made the most money in Q3 from visits by GHA DISCOVERY reward program members: The top two resorts in the rankings were PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay and PARKROYAL Collection Pickering in Singapore, and Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort in St. Lucia. Both of these establishments were among the top three for the total number of room nights that members stayed in Q3; the Marina Bay facility came in first, and the Pickering hotel came in third. In terms of total room nights, the Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences, located outside of Delhi, India, was the second most popular property among GHA DISCOVERY members.

A noteworthy 90% rise in D$ rewards currency redemptions from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023 was another highlight of Q3. The ability for GHA DISCOVERY members to accrue D$ at one hotel and exchange them for any property or brand within the alliance resulted in a 55% increase in total cross-brand income to $79 million in Q3 2022.

Building on the $135 million overall cross-brand income in H1 2023, GHA is expected to surpass its cross-brand total for 2022, which was already 25 percent higher than the 2019 amount. As of right now, GHA expects to reach $280 million by year’s end.

“Our flexible, transparent, and user-friendly rewards currency, valued at D$1 equal to US$1, not only increases the amount of money that GHA DISCOVERY members can access but also generates substantial additional revenue for our hotel brands,” stated Hartley.

“We expect additional increases in redemptions prior to year-end as eager travelers utilize their D$ for winter getaways, supplementing their savings with additional expenditures to bolster Q4 and culminate an incredible 2023.”

Source- Travel daily


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