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‘Picturesque’ National Parks in America, according to a new research.

According to recent research, Gateway Arch National Park is the most Instagrammable national park in the United States. The size of each US national park was compared to Instagram hashtag data to determine which had the most “hashtags per acre,” according to a study by the travel resource website Places To Travel.

According to the survey, Missouri’s Gateway Arch National Park is the most Instagrammable US national park. The park is set on a total of just 90.9 acres and has 11,221 hashtags on Instagram putting it top of the list with 123.44 hashtags per acre.

With 728,221 hashtags, Bryce Canyon National Park is in second place and has the ninth-highest total on Instagram. The park, which located in Utah, is marked by the red rocks that line the canyon and provides numerous hiking options. With a hashtag density of 20.32 per acre, it has the second-highest land area of 35,835.08 acres.

With 11.80 hashtags per acre, Acadia National Park in the U.S. state of Maine comes in third. This 49,075-acre national park is well known for its rocky beaches and granite peaks, and with 579,344 Instagram images using the hashtag, it’s obvious that it’s a terrific place for pictures.

Zion National Park in Utah is just outside the top three. Zion National Park has an average of 9.69 hashtags per acre with 147,237 acres and 1,428,038 hashtags on Instagram. Arches National Park comes in fifth with 8.72 hashtags per acre. The national park has 669,062 hashtags on the platform and covers an area of 76,678 acres.

Haleakal National Park comes in sixth while Hot Springs National Park comes in seventh. In comparison to Haleakal National Park, which covers 33,264 acres and has a total of 261,253 hashtags, Hot Springs National Park has 8.61 hashtags per acre as a result of its 5,548 acres and 47,815 total hashtags.

American Samoa National Park, which is spread across four islands in the country of American Samoa, comes in eighth. It spans 8,256 acres and contains 59,542 hashtags in total, or 7.21 hashtags per acre, on Instagram.

Yosemite National Park and Indiana Dunes National Park, both having 4.46 hashtags per acre, and 9.12 hashtags per acre, respectively, round out the top ten.

Source- Travel daily

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