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As the national carrier keeps an eye on renewal, the Qantas Group has today announced two changes to its Board.

Doug Parker, a former chairman and CEO of American Airlines, will join the Qantas Board and bring with him more than 35 years of aviation expertise accumulated in one of the most dynamic aviation industries in the world.

Michael L’Estrange AO, a long-time Qantas director who has served on the board for more than seven years, will step down from the board at the end of his current term in November after making a significant contribution.

As the Group entered the next stage of its history, the changes, according to Qantas Chairman Richard Goyder, will assist retain the depth and breadth of expertise on the Board.

There aren’t many people with Doug’s level of airline management expertise. He has more than two decades of experience as a CEO of an airline in North America, including eight years in charge of the biggest airline in the world. As we expand in the next years, his skills and perspective on the business will be a big advantage, according to Mr. Goyder.

The connection between American Airlines and Qantas greatly grew during Mr Parker’s tenure as CEO as the two airlines established a joint venture to better service passengers.

“Qantas has always been one of the great airlines in the world, and it has clearly come through the pandemic in a very strong position,” said Mr. Parker. It’s a pleasure for me to join the board at this time of great momentum, and I look forward to doing all I can to help.

Prior to a shareholder vote at the company’s 2023 Annual General Meeting on November 3, Mr. Parker will serve on the Board starting today. Michael L’Estrange, the current non-executive director, will step down at the AGM after serving three terms.

Michael has significantly aided Qantas over the past seven years, particularly during the most challenging times of the COVID issue, when the Board met often, according to Mr. Goyder. He is a highly meticulous director, and his knowledge of politics and global events in particular has been priceless. We are quite appreciative of his efforts.

It has been an incredible privilege to serve on the Qantas Board, according to Mr. L’Estrange. Clarity of purpose and remarkable commitment and professionalism of its staff are two of Qantas’ greatest assets. I wish Qantas much success because I believe it has a very bright future.

Following the November AGM, Qantas’ board will consist of eight members—four males and four women.

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